apple mail flagged mailbox disappeared. I use red flag for emails and keep them at the top of my sort order. We recommend before proceeding that you install this update first to see if it fixes Mail which you can install by going to the Mac App Store and selecting "Updates" at the top. Just scroll to the very bottom of that tab. Restart the entire mail program. Pull down the "Mailbox" menu and choose "Rebuild" from the option on the bottom, let the email mailbox (es) rebuild, this can take a while. Select Show flagged messages at the top of the inbox. Show the message preview on the side or bottom: Choose View > Show Side Preview or View > Show. Step 3: In the popping up dialog box, click the Columns (or Fields button in Outlook. Name the mailbox "Spot the Station. Move back to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and then go to “Add Account” option. Thanks! Report abuse 5 people found this reply helpful · Was this reply helpful? JU JudyContois. The Favorites folder now appears at the top of your folder list in the sidebar. In other words; it only applies to additional pst-files and archives. It turns out that lots of people (us among them) don't want a Flagged mail folder at all, let alone taking up real estate on the sidebar. Flagged Emails not Syncing with Online To Do. The next time you see a missing email please turn on logging, then remove the account from Outlook and then add it back (File, Account Settings, Account Settings). Troubleshooting Apple's Junk Mail Filter. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of that Flagged mail. Flags you add to an email appear on that email in Mail on all your Apple devices where you're signed in with the same Apple ID. Rebuilding a Mailbox in Mail sound daunting but it really isn't. On the next screen (Mailboxes), you should be able to see a new Mailbox titled “Flagged”. Please do with the following steps: 1. If you open the settings for your Mail app on Mac ( Mail > Preferences from the menu bar) and head to the Viewing tab where the classic layout option once was, you'll notice it's no longer there. Messages that you flag appear automatically in the For Follow Up Search Folder. I accidentally removed “Flagged" folder out of sidebar in Mail. You can flag an email very easily in the Mail app by just swiping and tapping the Flag. For instance, if you want to delete all emails from one sender, it could take a seriously long time to do it the usual way. And there's no manual command you can do that would delete a message AND remove it from Trash all at once. Deleting email from the Trash removes it from your account. I cannot select because it is greyed out. Unfortunately, Apple Mail's spam filtering capabilities are somewhat unreliable and I recently decided to disable it, in favor of a 3rd party solution. Step 2: In Outlook 2007, please click the View > Current View > Customize Current View; in Outlook 2010 and 2013, please click the View Settings button on the View tab. To do that click on Mailbox menu option and then Rebuild. Step 1: Click the Apple menu on the top left and select the System Preferences option from the dropdown list. Only way to bring it back would be to exit and restart the mail app. However, all spam filters use different criteria for what is a healthy balance of graphics and text. I have a specific user for which flagged emails are not showing up in the task bar. As you receive emails in your inboxes on your iOS device, select an email and tap Move to move it to the custom folder manually. Hi, I'm using Office 2016 Home and Business on windows 10. Unfortunately, if you use iCloud Mail, there's an additional (server-side) spam folder that may mess with your email inbox by placing legit email messages into the trash. The Apple Mail app on the iPhone allows you to filter your email with a single tap. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. One such issue of Apple Mail emails disappear from Inbox has Mac users in a problematic situation. Apple iPhone 5 review: Laws of attraction: Phonebook. If you still see the messages there, try restarting your Mac by clicking on the . Note: The email is added to the Reminders app with a "Show in Mail…" link that launches the. both yahoo and gmail mailboxes disappeared from mail app on monday when i logged back on. From the menu bar, click on View; Click on Show Sidebar from the drop-down menu. Most of the time, Mac mail will automatically download your previous mails from the server after. Step 2: Now click on the 'Flagged' Mailbox folder where all the flagged emails were stored. If the message has been moved incorrectly to this folder, select the message and then select Not junk > Not junk. com email account to Outlook for Windows or Mac, the reminder will be available as shown above. Flagged emails DO show in the inbox. Where it says "Contains Messages that match" select "All" from the dropdown. There isn’t enough information in the questions to pull together “The Answer”, but there are definitely a number of things to look at when your email or the folders containing it disappear without warning. However, while Lion's version of Mail lets you apply one of eight different flag colors, iOS 5's Mail supports. The option "Display reminders and tasks from this folder in the To-Do Bar" is indeed not available for Exchange mailboxes or pst-files which have a mail account associated with it. Stay on top of everything that's important with Gmail's new interface. Easily unlock your iPhone, use Apple Pay, and authorize apps and passwords. Try settings>mail, contacts, calendars>mail>show recent messages. If you have multiple email accounts set up on your device, tap on Mail. From the three categories, and you can choose the one that suits you. You can flag whatever email you want as per your preference. You must be using more than one flag for flags to show in the mailbox. It will also remove the flags from all those mail items in. An alert will pop up asking if you want to show the F lagged E mail list. In the second section called "Move Discarded messages into" change Archive Mailbox to Deleted Mailbox. Make sure that Show in IMAP is enabled/selected for Inbox, Sent Mail, Trash, [SOLVED] gmail in outlook for mac missing email Some messages don't go to gmail outlook inbox but inly goto important if showing that folder but on gmail. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner. It's the same in Gmail's web interface. Open the Menu > Tools > Deduplicator. Firstly, you need to launch Microsoft Outlook then select your specific folder. Mail not working in macOS Catalina, How. Launch Mail, select one of your mailboxes and click on the Mailbox menu. Your Mail app and every email should be accessible again. For example, Apple Mail can connect to Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL, and others, allowing multiple email accounts to be handled on an iPhone by the same app. I need a fast way to delete mails so they go straight to the Trash. With the email onscreen, tap the folder icon with. Google has confirmed that somehow - although as of yet they're not saying how - a number of people had their email completely deleted - gone for good - from their Gmail accounts. How to remove flagged emails from task list in Outlook?. To fix "Mac Mail Mailboxes Disappeared", we can also use this workaround, delete the account first, then re-add and re-load mails in Apple Mail app. Question: Q: Why are flagged emails disappearing from inbox and where do they go when the flag is deleted? · When flagging an email I always . Top on the list is apple mail not showing body of email on macos 11. Some mail clients let users set up multiple stars and flags, allowing them to differentiate emails based on specified criteria, for example, low, medium, or high urgency. At last, go to the Mailbox menu and click on Rebuild. Missing delivery emails could mean a package is left unattended for a long time. To manage your email inbox, use features in the Mail app that comes with the iPhone (and iPod Touch and iPad) to mark emails as read, unread, or flag messages for later attention. If you click the flag while you are in the Inbox (with all the emails listed in rows), that will mark the flag as Complete. I flag an email, let's say the last one I received this morning. I right clicked a flagged email and sent it to junk mail. Cannot print calendar in Outlook on the web's new interface as of 09/2019. The flag/message is totally ignored. Click on the first Star in the list to remove all stars/flags. Once in edit mode, select just one email by tapping the circle to the left of it. The OS has a bug that prevents new emails from appearing in the Mail app on the iPhone. Tap each item you want to activate and view, or deselect to remove. Next, go to the "Mail" menu and choose "Preferences. It is possible that your flagged messages have disappeared because you have accidentally hidden the flagged messages. 4 Solve POP3 and IMAP Conflict via Mail Settings. You'll see a list of inboxes and folders. Sign in and let it log you on in safe mode. 1 update, there's a nasty Apple Watch email bug that's affecting a limited number of users. there's one that sticks around for some reason but all the others disappear. in the advanced option of passwords and accounts, i cannot select "trash" because it is greyed out. Sent to another Internal user on the same 365. New Outlook For Mac Doesn't Support IMAP or iCloud. Click next at Remote MRS proxy server not sure how to check to make sure this is correct. beloved red flags in the left column of Mail, which I'd used a lot to indicate messages I needed to do something with, had disappeared. Go to Settings > Mail > Add account (in iOS 11 go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add account). Siri & Search: Determine whether Siri can be used to control and search the Mail app. Click a flag to reveal a text box. One of those features is the ability to edit, reorganize, and hide your mailboxes on iOS. Step 3: Check whether the Organize by Conversation option is enabled /disabled. Flags also allow you to automate or organize messages and set up Mail rules. But if your Apple Mail isn't working right, don't panic. Close the Mail app (don't search or perform any other actions) 5. Option to Turn Off Flagged Mail Highlighting Added. I had 5 flagged emails on my computer for too long. Just follow one of the same methods as above to clear a flag on iOS or Mac. Conclusion: In this blog, we have discussed both manual and automated methods for bringing back Outlook inbox emails disappeared and how one can find missing folders in Outlook or bring deleted emails back to the mailbox. A mailbox is a folder that you can use to organize your email. Create a custom smart folder in iOS Mail: Tap New Mailbox and name it. For those affected, it's not possible to find or read emails through the wearable device. By David Nield | Published Jun 3, 2020 4:14 PM DIY. One of my biggest gripes with the Mail app on iOS is that it makes it super hard to select multiple emails quickly in a search. In this case; Open a new finder window. Those steps will clear out your old unwanted flagged-mail tasks from you task lists, but will retain the original e-mail. This includes some fancy features that make it possible for you to get more out of your daily email connections. Before I look at the various email apps for Mac, I want to mention one other app. Restore "Flagged" Folder to sideba…. And so far, the only time I see Delete when I swipe left is if I'm. Todo: Task appears in 'Flagged Email' for triage. All folders missing (+100) apart of 3 which remained, some email that were in folders remained but most disappeared. Note: This is a way to switch to Outlook, not a direct solution to make the emails appear in Apple Mail. According to my test, if you flag an email, it will not disappear from the Inbox both in Outlook 2016 for Windows or for Mac. Step 4: Right click the For Follow Up folder in. The following preferences can be used to simplify account setup for Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) mailboxes, help protect company data, and support a streamlined user experience. Microsoft should include a Flagged folder in the Outlook folder list or an All Mail folder so users can filter for flagged mail. A smart mailbox for flagged emails shows as empty. Right click, and select Export Mailbox Backup-1. A Cutover Pass of a few days or weeks of mail means that individual mailboxes are only "in flight" for a short period of time, often a few minutes. Now, check whether Mac Mail mailboxes gone issue is resolved or not. Underneath select "From" and "contains" from the dropdowns and input the Spot The Station email address: HQ-spotthestation @ mail. But Apple won't allow that terrible user experience. Email Notifications Missing on Apple Watch, How. To organise everything I heavily really on My Tasks bar. Is there anything that can be done. Has Your Gmail Email Disappeared? You're Not Alone. Tap on the empty circles next to the mailboxes you want to add. Drag your finger down as if you are scrolling up on the mail. If you drag it all the way to the left, the sidebar is hidden. Workaround: Use a desktop client to answer S/MIME encoded email. Outlook: Flag email, flag appears next to email in list. To add a custom smart folder, tap New Mailbox at the bottom of the screen, give it a name, and assign a parent location if you have more than one email account. In the Mailboxes section, simply choose the "Junk" folder as shown in the screenshot below. Solution - in the header column " Subject " Right Click and a Sub- . Go back in time using the timeline on the right edge of the screen until you find a backup containing the deleted emails. Clicking on one of the colored flags displays all the . When you tap the filter icon in the Mail app, you can easily turn the email filter on or off. In the New Search Folder dialog box, under Reading Mail, select Mail flagged for follow up, and then click OK. You can choose from any of your existing email accounts, such as iCloud or Gmail. These steps will allow you to add delete as one of the swipe options when you swipe from right ot. Fastmail - Email & Calendar Ratings and Reviews. Yes - my Flagged Mailbox has disappeared too. Apple has in iOS 6 adopted the trendy. So you'll have to (1) figure out what else you did, and (2) check the rest of the label (for example, Gmail does not have a label called "archive"). Click Folder > New Search Folder. Answer: A: That's not the problem. Create Custom Smart Folder in iOS Mail. Go to "Mailbox -> New Smart Mailbox". Microsoft To-Do is always here to help you plan your day, but sometimes an inbox full of urgent emails can get in the way of careful planning. Select the Gmail account in question. set Drafts with a flag for particularly important drafts. If you search for them they come up as ‘Found in Starred’, which is a gmail folder. The web-based iCloud Mail has been updated to bring the feature. More Select the folder you want to add to Favorites. I use Windows XP with Outlook Express as my e-mail handler. How to remove flagged emails from task list in Outlook? As you know, if you add a flag for an email message in Microsoft Outlook, this email message will be added into the To-do List automatically (see screen shot). Step 4: Now see if you are able to view all your flagged messages in the Flagged Messages folder. First time I lost all messages in my inbox from 5/11/2008 to 6/29/2008. Once you have a message (or messages) flagged, a special Flagged mailbox will appear in your Mailboxes list. There's nothing the space bar can do to delete a message. Re-flagging the mail did not do anything, resetting the view & the filters yielded no results. On the left menu at the bottom select the MORE option. Now once again go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Accounts. To flag a new message both for you and the recipients, do the following: On the Message tab, in the Tags group, select Follow Up, and then select Add Reminder. To change the buttons, click Home > Follow Up. In the sidebar sometimes the toggle flag to expand is missing. Choose a user that has a Office 365 license and email at businessdomain. If you could find those tasks via Search in Outlook, the issue may be related to your View settings, it's suggested to check and change your setting to test. If you don't know how to do this, we've got a short tutorial to explain it to you. If I manually re-flag them and then unflag them, they disappear from the Flagged box. But linking the Gmail account into Outlook Windows/Mac will make the reminder available. Message 4 of 4 3,909 Views 1 Kudo Reply. Apple's email app has relatively poor spam filters. The nice thing about applying flags to . Switching to a different PC also had no effect. 4, you can use Face ID while wearing a mask. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen; Scroll down in the Settings menu until you see Mail. I can't seem to replicate this in Mail & Reminders. In other words I will go into my Sent mail folder to see the email, and the Flag is gone. Gmail on my iPhone 6 and my mac air keeps losing emails from the inbox. No more waiting to get back to the desktop for organizing, assigning categories, sending or doing anything else with an email. Or you can create custom mailboxes. Try searching your mail Let us know if this works. Use column layout in Mail on Mac. Searching for 'Flagged' messages returns no results. The missing or disappeared Mac Mail Mailboxes may be just caused by sync problems, all the mails are kept update to date in the original mail account but not synchronized in Mail app. Recover Missing Archived mailboxes after macOS Big Sur update. Under "Customizing Outlook", click Flagging. If you're not already on the Mailboxes screen, tap the arrow at the top left of the screen. And it wasn't just their email. If you'd prefer to get the flag icon back, you can easily do so in Settings. Tap on Mailboxes to reach the Mailboxes view on your iPhone. In non-classic mode (or whatever you'd call it) the flag icons appear as expected. Is there a (perhaps hidden) setting to restore this, or is it gone; and if so, how can I get a list of my flagged messages (of each kind). When you email account supports IMAP, you can restore mail to the server in a few simple steps: Create a second email account in your profile using the IMAP account type. Turn the iPhone / iPad off by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and slide to "power off. How do I get my flagged emails back? Use a Search Folder On the Folder tab, in the New group, click New Search Folder. When you do this, for some reason the system marks it as ‘Read” and the notification goes away. In the mailing list window, click View > Reading Pane > Off to close the reading pane, see screenshot: 2. Maybe this is why older emails seem to disappear? To test, try setting this to a higher value; it allows you to set it as high as 1000 messages. Where is that email gone to? I want to to just remain where it was with a checkmark instead of a red flag. Flagged email messages help you better manage your mail. Google has confirmed that somehow – although as of yet they’re not saying how – a number of people had their email completely deleted – gone for good – from their Gmail accounts. It'll display the backups on the screen in the form of timeline. Then go back to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and choose "Add Account" option. Here's what each core option on the Settings screen does. Preside is a full featured email client that allows you to perform all of your email management from your mobile device. Open outlook and screenshot the red flagged emails. Step 3: In the New Search Folder dialog box, select and highlight the Mail flagged for follow up item in the Select a search Folder: box. It'll show a maximum of 100 of your. I'm use to flag my email to · Hi Tanya, What type of email account are you using. Click "-" to remove the account. Clicked on one of the flagged emails, but clicked too far to the right, which cancelled the flag and the email disappeared from the list. i deleted mail envelopes and some apple. You may not realize it, but when you initially connect the account, only the previous month's worth of emails are synced by default. Enter a new name and press Enter. Step 1: Open Mail application on your iPhone device. There is no Flagged mailbox in the Mail "app" of iCloud. Open Mail and choose Preferences > Accounts. (Home Tab > Tag section) STEP-3. Unfortunately email forwarding alone is no longer a viable option and you run the risk of losing/missing mail if you use it strictly as a forwarding address. It can help move your email, too, should you ever need to do so. Desktop apps, like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Mac Mail, can access Yahoo Mail using POP. There is no way (it seems) of triggering "when an email is flagged in a shared mailbox". The flag appears in the header of each message. This does not seem to happen and I cannot figure out why. Tap on the "Flag" logo and follow up. 12) to organise 3 email addresses and tasks. As long as you don't trash the emails, on Mac OS, they will always appear in the . User level, they were actually on exchange plan 1 but about a week after they experienced the issue and a day or two after reporting it we had to put them on B1 for one drive access for something else, it somehow deactivated them the first time and worked OK the second,. Look under the Mailbox Behaviors tab, check if your Trash Mailbox is set to none. You should now see BOTH the flag icon color AND color name, but you can resize the column to hide the color name. Related: How To Block Emails On iPhone In The Mail App. Now i have only 1 week of mail only (New) rest were gone. Some tasks are shown but others appear as blank lines. Select Other from the list of types. In "classic" mode the flag column shows the textual names of the flag color rather than flag icons in the appropriate color. There is one other part to connecting your Hotmail or Outlook account to the Mail app, and that is allowing it to sync. This guide for transferring your Mail to a new Mac includes instructions for these procedures, which can help with forgotten passwords, incorrect message counts, and messages that don't display. Apple Mail is Mac's built-in email client. A search can be saved as a Smart Folder so that you can use the same search criteria later without having to manually re-create the advanced search. Workaround 1: Print calendar using the browser option instead of using the print option in Outlook on the Web. Reflagging any email in the Inbox makes the Flagged Folder reappear (but only with the newly flagged emails not the older ones) but closing and reopening Mail will result in same error mlundin is seeing - folder and flags disappear again. Same in Outlook app, mobile app and Office365 online. Step 3: Select or deselect the mailboxes you want to see or want to hide. Complete Guide on Flags in Mac Mail app 1. How to add new mailboxes on iPhone and iPad. El Capitan Mail Problems: 10 Ways To Fix Them. Flagged Office 365 emails come to Microsoft To. Tap the "Starred" folder to be taken to your flagged messages. Once Mail is fully launched, search your mailboxes ( ⌥ + ⌘ + F) for "flagged" messages and wait again. suddenly my email are disappeared from my outlook inbox. If it is in OWA, the message is in your mailbox, but something wrong when Outlook download it to inbox. For example, you can flag an email message that requests information that you need by a certain date. The last 2 times the computer has asked me if I wanted to compact files to free up disc space I have said yes. Here’s how to get the flag icon back in. Apple KB Article: Archive your Gmail messages. Depending on what happened your mail, like the truth, may still be out there. I deleted all my trash by pressing select all when I was in the trash folder but all my emails in my inbox flagged inbox and all mail inbox disappeared!I deleted all my trash by pressing selec About 20 emails in the INBOX folder on my mail. In the case of Unread, the envelope was replaced by a blue. Since macOS Big Sur, numerous great changes have occurred but Mail seems to have been stripped out of its useful Favorites The famous “All Sent”, “Flagged”, “All Drafts”, “All Junk”, “All Trash” and the like may not show on your newly upgraded Mail app on your Mac after the upgrade. As a general guideline, we recommend a ratio of 80% text to 20% images in an email. This will show whether there are problems with connecting to the Mail app. But after upgrading to Big Sur my flagged emails folder is . View-> Arrange By-> Custom-> button Fields…. I lost all my flagged emails after updati…. Flagged a message for Follow Up but I’m not getting a. New Outlook For Mac Launches. You will find all the flagged messages placed in this Smart Mailbox. Wait for all the messages to load, then locate and tap on the email you want to put back into the inbox. Select “Accounts” and then click on the email account where mail attachments seemingly disappeared from. Wait for 30 seconds, turn the iPhone / iPad back on. With some of the latest versions of Mac OS X, such as Mountain Lion, a Flagged mail folder persists on the sidebar, along with the other "system" folders such as the Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Trash. Here, tap "Edit" located at the top-right corner of the screen. On October 21st Apple released the El Capitan 10. Choose the mail account you use to manage mails in Mail app. The Solution to the Problematic Scenario: Step 1: On your Mac, navigate to your Mail account. Apple Mail has a built-in spam filter that you can enable or disable via Mail's Preferences. Today ALL of my flagged emails and some tasks disappeared from My Task. Are you looking for a particular e-mail in the mailbox of your AOL® Mail account and unable to find it? If you want to find e-mails that are missing from AOL. Move back to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and then go to "Add Account" option. Now re-check account settings and delete and re-add your Mail account to reset this. Apple offered up a few new Mail app features in iOS over the years, making the app more and more robust. Therefore, it's wise to try the other methods first if your mailbox is particularly large. It is not deleted, but CTRL + E 'Current Mailbox' does not find the email, whereas CTRL + E 'all outlook items' finds it. ; Expand Root Container > Top of Information Store. Their Gmail email had completely disappeared. You may have set up a custom filter to filter only no flag tag emails. Click the Flag button in the Mail toolbar (or use Remove flags from emails. Go to Mail, click on Preferences then, select Accounts. If the missing emails are from a specific person or group, check whether you blocked messages from them. Now, extend the Search tools, choose the Advance Find option. I can still find them if I scroll through all my . Delete/remove the hotmail account. 44), but found all tasks in my Exchange account display normally, so it seems to I haven't reproduced your issue. How to fix iOS 13 Mail bugs on the iPhone. 5 Update by Sophie Green Updated on 2021-08-23 / Update for iOS 13 Is anyone else having issues with emails as every time I go onto email it keeps saying I got to set up my password again it's happening every time. And yet, when I swipe left, it only shows More, Flag and Archive. Closed outlook, re-opened, opened ToDo, then in ToDo settings I toggled the "Flagged Email" switch from On to Off, then back to On. The question is how to fix it and continue enjoying seamless flow of Mail messages. In the given columns, type the suitable details of the emails you want to search. Where did the list of flagged message go in Mavericks Mail?. Then see if you can find the "flagged" messages. Select your email account and click the Advanced tab. An email you flag remains in your Inbox, but also appears in the Flagged mailbox. Make the flagged emails at top of the mailing list by clicking the flag symbol. How Do I Recover Missing/Disappeared Emails in Microsoft. Items in the flagged email list can be renamed, assigned due dates and reminders, added to My Day, and marked as important. Microsoft has launched a new version of Outlook for Mac but the bad news for some users is that it will no longer allow them to connect other email accounts to it. 5 Tips to Fix Outlook Sent Items Missing. Upgrade your mailbox to the Patriot Post Mount Mailbox by Gibraltar Mailboxes. Synchronizing a folder · Log into the Mail app. If you normally use the desktop client of Outlook, Apple Mail, your smartphone's mail app, or another email application, you should check for the missing email in the web-based version of Exchange. Remove a flag: Select a message, then choose the Flag button from the toolbar. Select the Flag for Me check box, and if you want, the Reminder check box. To answer the question directly: maybe. It didn't get a big update in macOS Big Sur, although, like most built-in apps, it looks very different from its predecessors in earlier macOS versions. Enable smart folders: From the Mailboxes screen, tap Edit. We have been in touch with BT help people who said change password and this. drag the drive where your mail folders live (usually your boot drive) to the the Privacy tab in System Preferences → Spotlight. Did a search for it, reapplied the flag, then went to return to my inbox and was asked if I wanted to save the changes to the 'Smart' folder, which I did, and now the Flagged Mail 'Smart' folder only contains. Now a new search folder of For Follow Up is added in the Navigation Pane, which will collect all flagged email messages automatically. Hi, as title suggests I cannot get my flagged emails to appear in the flagged list in To-Do. When emails suddenly disappear from iPhone 6s/6/5 etc devices, you can try to follow below steps to get disappeared emails back: Step 1. Your mail should now show the flag color instead of flag name. Then restart again in regular mode. I was wondering: The "Flagged" Mailbox under iOS 7 only shows the flagged items which are in the Inbox, but not in the whole Archive. Every email client has its own set of errors and issues that users need to tackle from time to time. drag the drive back out of the privacy list and wait while your Mac re-indexes. It also does not appear after flagging a message. There's a solution to bring them back! Go to the Mail app on your Mac; Hover “Favorites” on the left sidebar. Email Notifications go missing on Apple Watch. One of the primary advantages of the stock Mail app is that it can handle multiple mail accounts from a large. The emails will then be removed from that folder. Suddenly items on my To-Do-List disappeared. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Apple ditched the flag icon in Mail. Remove flags from emails In the Mail app on your Mac, select one or more flagged messages. No Flagged email folder on iCloud browser?. If you select a mailbox on the mail server, the messages are available when you use your email account on another computer. On my Mac (currently with High Sierra) I use Outlook (version 16. Show the sidebar: Choose View > Show Sidebar, or press Control-Command-S. Flagged emails disappeared. When you open the email and scroll to the bottom of the email. Reindex messages (2) See post by Linc Davis. You can also use VIP and flags to make certain email messages stand out. When I see them in the Flagged folder in Apple Mail, they don't even have flag icons next to them but they're still counted in the number showing next to "Flagged". Select "Mail, Contact, Calendars". Sometimes the message counts for each category are wrong. Run Apple Mail app, go to Mail>Preferecens. In the Mail app on your Mac, select one or more messages. Check if the messages in question were removed from the mailbox Flagged. For older iOS, go to Settings >Mail (Mail, Contacts, Calendars) and select the mail account.