coolant disappearing but no leak. looks for signs of dried coolant. A defective radiator cap gasket will allow coolant to escape in the form of steam. But even if there is no play on the bearings, there may still be a leak past the seals. Joined Jan 7, 2006 · 907 Posts. If all the air is not removed, coolant levels will drop considerably as air slowly escapes and coolant is drawn it to replace it. The coolant in the reserve tank seems to be disappearing. 2022-3-14 · Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. In one case the system lost nearly a gallon of liquid in around a month's worth of driving. Coolant is disappearing, 2 No visible external leaks, 3. HYUNDAI KIA LOSING COOLANT ANTIFREEZE, COOLANT DISAPPEAR NO LEAK If you have Hyundai or Kia and you are losing coolant and you want to know the main reason why you may be losing coolant Hyundai or Kia we will explain that in this video. Checked the engine over in general, don't see any signs of external leaking, can't smell any burning coolant either. It can create a mishmash of fluids inside the engine block and cause the coolant to be burnt through the exhaust. ️Car Is Losing Oil but No Leak or Smoke Everything You. If no leaks are found, the loss of coolant may be due to long-term . The cooling system may max out at 12 psi, while a combustion chamber under throttle is much higher. I was also loosing coolant- iDrive kept going off every several weeks- but no puddles, or obvious leaks. I suggest you remove the plug, when the engine is cool, remove the radiator cap and have the proper coolant on hand. I suspect my JKU has a very small coolant leak. If there's no external leak, there is the possibility of a head gasket beginning to fail. It has a new all aluminum radiator, new water pump, and all new coolant hoses. But, when I go up a mountain, I lose about a quart of coolant and the car overheats a little. for some time have to fill coolant reservoir after driving about 75 to 80 miles. A pressure tester may not be effective in detecting it. I still need to replace the water pump and . It may be happening only when the car is hot when you drive and the coolant is under pressure. The pressure will only released when I bled the system or open the expansion tank. My heater only gets warm and not hot, and at idle it goes from warm to cool.  · Coolant disappearing, dont' see a leak, no exhaust smoke? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. Coolant disappearing - No leaks. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts In my case it was a slow leak, the coolant level would reach MIN after 600kms. I can't really smell anything though. Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. I chased a coolant leak for a year in a '97 Camry. com Forums > Models > Saturn S-Series > S-Series General: Coolant Disappearing User Name: Remember Me? Password: FAQ: Social Groups: Calendar: Mark Forums Read: Advanced Forum Search |. In that case, it will cause the coolant reservoir to drip coolant, which can eventually empty the radiator slowly. 2020-12-24 · A problem with the PCV valve. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. 2022-1-21 · Sep 03, 2021 · Coolant disappearing with no visible leak Hi guys I have another issue with 2003 4. Blown Head Gasket A blown head gasket is a problem that goes beyond just the coolant disappearing. Default Disappearing coolant but no leaks . They can leak slightly and drip onto the exhaust and the coolant is vaporized instantly revealing no drips, but loss of coolant. The real confusion arises when coolant disappearing from reservoir is witnessed without any symptoms. Coolant disappearing but no leak Coolant disappearing but no leak. Common Causes of Losing Coolant (But Don’t See a Leak) Whether you drive a Subaru or a Lexus, your car needs antifreeze. I had a car leak without a trace. Tailpipe is also clean and dry with no trace of coolant smell when running. The coolant in my 2015 JKU Sahara with 8 K on it keeps slowly going lower and lower. Before you even consider any head work, make sure every single part of the cooling system, down to the hose clamps and thermostat gasket, is in very good to new condition, and is a top quality brand name part. Disappearing Coolant But Leak No.  · check the hoses on the drivers side, mine leak, you will see crusted up green coolant on the underside of the hose connections and the adapter pipes. I kept loosing coolant also and couldn't nail down the problem. It could be a blown head gasket, a fractured cylinder head, damaged cylinder bores, or a manifold leak. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Aug 17, 2009 #1. Car coolant leaks: the complete guide. Then start the car and look for the famous white smoke. Thread starter Kyle_83; Start date Apr 4, 2016; Kyle_83 New Member. Here’s What to Do if Your Antifreeze Keeps Running Out. If the coolant has lots of TDS, then it may leave mineral deposits after burning, but a 2012 vehicle may still have factory fill which is distilled water, so no TDS. The coolant system was under pressure and the bottle was still full. Check piston heads for cleanliness, I'm guessing that your radiator is leaking, IF you checked every thing else. i've not noticed any leaks No, because you will most likely damage the neck where the cap is . The problem is that there are no visible leaks anywhere, as far as I can tell it isn't a 53 block, no white smoke other than a little puff when it's first started in the morning, no coolant in oil. Ususally pressure checking the coolant system is the best idea, you just simply look for the leak and if you encounter an area with mud and greese on it you just spray some brake clean on the area and wipe it down, then just keep looking for bubbles and coolant. If coolant is magically disappearing, that is usually a sign that the headgasket has failed causing the engine compression to actually pressurize the coolant system. This scenario may be a small problem like a crack in a hose or a big problem—more on that in a bit. The people who rebuilt my engine still can't find the leak.  · Sounds exactly like a Subaru head gasket failure. No coolant mixing with the oil and no oil mixing in the coolant. Two days of pretty significant mudding a couple days ago, cleaned up truck and undercarriage, and while looking for the home for this plug, i discovered my. My truck currently has 420,000 miles on it and I drive cross-country regularly. New heater core this week with hoses and heater control shut-off valve. No external leaks anywhere that I can see. Losing Coolant But Have No Visible Leaks? (Here's What …. It's also possible for a coolant leak to develop inside your vehicle or to simply vaporize into mist via your defroster. If you have ever found your vehicle missing coolant with no visible leak on the ground or on or around your cooling system, the problem could be a worn out radiator cap, which allows coolant to actually escape while you're driving.  · If coolant is magically disappearing, that is usually a sign that the headgasket has failed causing the engine compression to actually pressurize the coolant system. crack in radiator, or a coolant hose, or even the coolant tank. The most common place is the radiator cap. Such an issue, in turn, can lead to coolant flowing into the cylinder and evaporating. I've now discovered an oil leak from just in front of the oil filter. Worse, allowing the problem to go on often results in a new engine. causing a leak but where does it go if not burned, leaking externally, . No visible leaks, no coolant in bilge, no coolant smell when running whatsoever. I did a oil change(it’s about the time) and didn’t see any obvious leak. the issue for this thread is my coolant, the coolant level was fine until i managed to snap the …. I then replaced my intake gasket which helped for about a month and a half. Still believe that coolant disappears. No white smoke visible from the exhaust. 2019-12-18 · Why is my coolant disappearing with no leak? When you are losing coolant but no leak is visible, several parts could be the guilty party. 2022-1-4 · Coolant disappearing, no symptoms of head gasket leaking.  · The coolant can leak when the engine is at full temperature and it will instantly vaporize, leaving little to no evidence of the leak. 2022-3-16 · Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. 2000 is a Phase II SOHC engine. I can find no visible (or audible) source for the leak despite threads and then brought the coolant level up to near max but not quite. No coolant in the oil, or no leaking through the exhaust. Some history about the jeep that might help. When I have a small coolant leak or coolant loss on a car like this Honda Civic, the first things I always check is. Thread starter 4thstpositively; Start date Dec 8, 2014; Status Not open for further replies. This could either cause coolant to push out past the reservoir overflow tube or actually ingested by the motor. could be the thermostat stuck closed but check the rear of the van for leaks. About But Leak Coolant No Disappearing. I had a similar problem, there was no visible leak but I was topping . Coolant loss may indicate a poorly maintained cooling system, a system fault, or even a change in driving patterns. When you are losing coolant but no leak is visible, several parts could be the guilty party. It could also be a hydraulic lock. Joined Mar 24, 2014 · 100 Posts. Tried this method and I finally got the white smoke. A reservoir is under pressure in normal circumstances in order to increase the coolant's boiling point. My 2007 Town and Country's coolant magically disappears after two or three days of driving and there's not a single leak. Re: Disappearing coolant, no visible leak? Post by chris g » Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:44 pm we lose a cup of coolant every month in the discovery - but that is a tiny crack somewhere in the cylinder head i think - sometimes you get the odd whiff of coolant from the exhaust. There may be times when the coolant system may fail due to one reason or another. If you smell coolant then there has to be a minuscule leak that evaporates on contact, thus leaving no discernible residue. If the valve got clogged or extra pressure on the crankshaft, this pressure will force the excess oil to. But; drive at 65 mph 15 minutes and it overheated and radiator was very low. Then a head check, this is a chemical test to check for exhaust gasses in the cooling system. no leaks found inside the car, no sweet smell either. Start with a cooling system pressure test, this will show up any external leaks. Check the contents of the oil pan. 1997 K1500 Suburban 300,000 miles: Coolant disappears though no visible leaks at radiator, hoses, thermostat. 2022-3-28 · Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. You may have an air bubble and the coolant is finally filling and displacing the air. The coolant temp sensor is a possibility, & the coolant bypass line that runs from the front of the left top side of the radiator, to the right side stopping at the expansion tank. Learn how to fix a leak in your skylight. I have to fill my radiator every week or so. Modified 2 years, 6 months ago. For example, a coolant leak could have any of these causes: Overfilling the cooling system. maybe have someone follow you and watch for drips. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun. I looked at the radiator but once again no leaks. The strange thing is there are no visible leaks that I can see. Now this is a crazy puzzle because the coolant level with engine at normal operating temperatur is well up - coolant bottle about 80% full - then drains to nothing. Since then, he has a mysterious issue of coolant disappearing but absolutely no leaks on the bike. However it may leak from the hot side and escape as vapor, thereby making it harder to detect. There is an antifreeze smell, strongest in the vicinity of the radiator cap, but no visible leak. Only other place besides the trans that it could go without dripping on the driveway is the oil due to a head gasket leak. You won't see coolant in the crankcase or steam out of the exhaust. Other causes might include driving excessively uphill, driving heavy loads with a faulty exhaust gas recirculation system. Start the engine and as it warms up and the T-stat opens add coolant as needed until it overflows from the bleed port. 2 : A bad turbo with a bad seal/cracked coolant passage can cause this. I been having a problem with diappearing coolant. The overheating light was on and I checked it’s out of coolant so I just drove to the closest autozone to get a 50/50(I read 60/40 is better but I think no one carries that). Any ideas on what is happening to the coolant? The only thing I can figure is it is seaping out the waterpump and drying on the warm engine. For about the last 6 months, my wife has been loosing about 2 or 3 cups of coolant a month in her daily driver 03 Forester X.  · The coolant in my 2015 JKU Sahara with 8 K on it keeps slowly going lower and lower.  · My coolant level in the resivoir stays below the empty mark. It’s also possible for a coolant leak to develop inside your vehicle or to simply vaporize into mist via your defroster. (engine coolant going out the exhaust) Also check your oil to make sure the water is not getting into your crankcase.  · 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - coolant loss but no visible leaks - I have a 2012 EB with 67k miles, I am loosing coolant but don't see an obvious leak anywhere. Im thinking it could be being burned, but then again, there is no white Two common spots for coolant leaks that people miss are water .  · Author Topic: Coolant disappearing but no leak on NA IDI (Read 1378 times) April 12, 2015, 04:29:06 pm. Any hints on finding the leak? Data: 1) vehicle does not overheat (until the coolant gets really, really low) but just adding coolant resolves. About No But Leak Disappearing Coolant. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - coolant loss but no visible leaks - I have a 2012 EB with 67k miles, I am loosing coolant but don't see an obvious leak anywhere. There is no leaks under the car when it's I had to top off the coolant every week or so but there wasn't ever a noticeable leak. 2012 Jeep Wrangler - Disappearing Coolant, No Leak. Button it all up and take it for a drive. Dec 06, 2020 · If no obvious external leak run the engine and look for coolant being expelled through the exhaust, sheet of white paper held close to the exhaust may show it but be aware that a …. New to the site and looking for some help. Jump to Latest Follow 41 - 43 of 43 Posts. If turn the engine and rev I can see the coolant lower and disappear. 7 (280,000 km) with a new used lowish km engine installed almost a year ago. A more mysterious coolant loss problem involves no evidence at all of leaks or puddles, yet shows a definite reduction in radiator coolant levels. When your car begins to leak coolant, the first indicator is that the If there is no puddle of coolant, but you can still smell the . 2021-11-19 · The water in your coolant can only evaporate when the system isn’t perfectly sealed. Engine bay was dry, driveway was dry. Accordingly, why does my engine coolant keep disappearing? Coolant leaks can also happen inside your car. Yes, diluted the full strength coolant to 50/50 with distilled water. I know all about the dodgy water pump and the crack-prone crossover pipe on the LR4, but have you guys just had the coolant level drop with no leaks? I’ll put it up on the lift when I get home. But then I though it was weird daily city driving it will burn a lot over 300 miles but I just made a 300 mile trip to. Disappearing coolant but no leak! by Dan Sta » Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:26:03. If the antifreeze vanishes without any apparent reason, check these components for cracks, damage, or defects.  · No coolant leak from what i can see from any of the pipes, coolant is still full from yesterday. I'm told the water pump or small . If there is coolant on the floor, move your vehicle a little and let engine run anotger five minutes while looking to see if radiator is leaking. You're not going to have a hard upper radiator hose if there is no coolant in there to pressurize, the gases would just. Losing Coolant But No Visible Leaks? (What it Means and. A lot of times it hits the fan with that Mishi radiator and will cut it. You need to idle the car for a least 30 minutes with the heater on & funnel half full on the turbo tank, burp the hose a lot. 1) Out the overflow tube that runs down next to the air box (or some other external leak). It is also possible that you did not completely fill the coolant system—for example, you may have forgotten to turn on the heat (so that coolant will go into the heater core sub-circuit). But one thing I noticed, the coolant level changed a good 1" from when the truck was sitting for a few days compared to a few hours. Rapidly disappearing coolant poses a real threat to an engine. A pressure test can rule out the water pump, head gaskets, etc. discovered- the coolant seems to be leaking or disappearing from No problem for the van, but it will waste good coolant (and make a . Viewed 21k times 2 I just replaced the. About No Leak Disappearing Coolant But. 2022-2-10 · No visible leak The water was turned to steam and blew out through the overflow line. Whenever a vehicle loses antifreeze, also known as coolant, the usual expectation leads the owner to check for evidence of leaks at all the coolant connections and components. 2022-3-6 · Why Is My Coolant Disappearing With No Leak? There is a possibility the liquid can cause overheating as well as being lost in an overheated state. 2022-3-24 · Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. to run really hot but won't pull any antifreeze out of the tank, . A coolant leak is bound to happen with issues within the radiator or engine, but there are chances of depleted coolant levels with no trace . I've poured in more coolant, but it just keeps disappearing. Since I started testing, I did not want to start the car to see if there is a leak on any of the pipes or such. apparently no leak, feel little vibration during driving. 2017-4-30 · I had a car leak without a trace. 0L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2. Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. Rockster said: With another car that was losing coolant with no obvious sign of a leak proved to be due to bad coolant reservoir cap which when the cooling system was hot would bleed pressure and along with this water vapor. The ONLY possible sign of leakage that I . Keep an eye on things to make sure the leak doesn’t get worse. For more information about causes of loss of coolant, see the article. Does anyone have an idea as to what's causing this and where the disappearing. So, when your coolant is disappearing, you need to track down the cause, and you need to do it quickly. Here is the history: I just bought this car like last month, haven't drove . com - classifieds - forums : SaturnFans. About every 1,500 miles the coolant in the reservoir goes from "full" to "low". Losing Coolant But No Visible Leaks? (What it Means and What to Do). However, you may breathe easy if the mechanic does not find any trace of exhaust gases in the coolant.  · No leak that I can see anyways. Disappearing No Coolant Leak But. Leaking coolant will leave a white chalky residue. Every morning the car's coolant light goes off and he then adds about 1 quart of coolant. This is a pressurized system, so that might now show until high pressure. Coolant Is Disappearing No Visible Leaks: My Coolant Is Going.  · I chased a coolant leak for a year in a '97 Camry. 545 with 75000 milesBeen in garage for three hours today and theyve not found a leak. Where does it go? Does it just evaporate or something but how can that be? I thought the cooling system is sealed. Call it antifreeze, a coolant, or even radiator fluid; the purpose is to maintain the engine’s cool. those vans are extremely bad for the rear heater lines leaking. I looked over the next few days for any signs of a leak and there were no signs. Coolant loss with no leaks can stem from several possible reasons. Sometimes the pressure inside the radiator can get out in the gaseous form through the radiator cap which could also be seen as a leak though it might be slow. As well as coolant down on the motor mount. I filled it up last night with water to the full mark and drove it to school and back today. Its possible its leaking slowly- where it evaporates with the hot engine block- but never leaks enough to drip on floor. For some reason my overflow tank never stays at the fill line. Learn steps to take before replacing a head gasket. Must be a very slow loss, leaving no trace.  · Alright fellas, here's the problem. 5 gallons is almost the entire cooling system. Antifreeze leaks can be caused by a variety of things but the two most common factors are age and dirty coolant. I considered a head gasket leak, but I'm not seeing any other symptoms besides the disappearing coolant. 2021-12-24 · Sep 03, 2021 · Coolant disappearing with no visible leak Hi guys I have another issue with 2003 4. I have never noticed a leak, or anything damp on the Jeep. Why Is My Coolant Disappearing With No Leak? – …. One of the earlier symptoms of this problem is disappearing coolant. In the last 6 months I have had to fill my coolant tank up twice. Ultimately, since the circulation system that cools the engine is comparatively fragile, a cracked engine block will lead to coolant leaking out of the area it is needed and leaving the engine to overheat. 5 Common Causes of Coolant Leaks and Their Symptoms. Don't have white smoke coming from exhaust at any time. · Overfilled Reservoir · Chapped Hose. · Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop for diagnosis . If your General Motors SUV or truck is losing coolant, with no visible signs of a leak, the source may shock you. Why Is My Coolant Disappearing With No Leak. You should also check the underside of your radiator for water damage. I was thinking crap bad head gasket. Coolant disappearing, dont' see a leak, no exhaust smoke? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. 1; 2; 3; First 3 of 3 Go to page. 2022-3-5 · Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. If you seriously don't have a leak you know you have a head gasket leak. Even if you have depleted coolant levels with no sign of leakage, you could still have an internal leak that isn’t detectable from the outside of your engine.  · coolant disappearing but no leak? 1. If the coolant level drops any during the pressure test but you can't find the leak you might be able to find it by pulling the fuel pump fuse . Coolant disappears though no visible leaks at radiator, hoses, thermostat. The others are a leak in the heater core or hoses that finds its way out of the car possibility where the evaporator drain tube passes through the body or a leak in the coolant tubes that circulates coolant between the engine and radiators. Sep 03, 2021 · Coolant disappearing with no visible leak Hi guys I have another issue with 2003 4. It was the water pump , at certain speed the fan/water pump (one shaft) vibrated, water leaked and was atomized by the fan so no trace of leakage. There are no visible leaks, nothing is cracked or damaged, I replaced the radiator cap already, there is no coolant in the oil, oil level stays perfect, there is no sweet smell or dampness on the floor, however, I am using about a gallon of coolant every 2-3 weeks. 2021-12-15 · Coolant Disappearing But No Leak Recently I had a slow coolant leak fixed which involved the mechanic replacing the t-stat, housing and both rad hoses. No contamination in the lube oil system. Jan 17, 2010 · Re: Mysterious loss of coolant. No white smoke from tail pipe, no milky oil and no sustained overheating situation under load. Whikst there pressurize the coolant system using a presaure tester, watch the guage and look . The leak is on the right side of the engine . Engine coolant that is disappearing and leaving no visible trace is NOT a good thing. If the levels of antifreeze fall below critically, it can cause the engine to sustain substantial internal damage both in hot climates and freezing cold temperatures. I seem to be losing coolant but I have no idea where it is going. The car was not overheating in fact everything seemed normal. 2021-2-8 · Remove the radiator cap and attach the air pump’s tester hose to the coolant recovery tank. Anywho, no sooner did i get the message did the temperature return to normal and i turned the AC back on. No Disappearing Leak But Coolant. A damaged reservoir tank can cause evaporation of the coolant; it is the cause of the coolant reservoir not filling up. 0) was very hard to turn so that was replaced. Inspect the entire cooling system for signs of leak. I can't find a leak anywhere but I can top off the radiator and drive the car with no issues . 7s, only the small line on the throttle body. Coolant leaks might not seem like a big deal, but it could create a hazardous situation for your car's engine. Coolant disappearing No leaks Posted by 2gdsm_nc, Aug 17, 2009. Disappearing coolant but no leak! Dan Sta. About Disappearing Coolant But Leak No. So lately I have been losing coolant rather quickly. If there are no visible leaks, and there is no evidence in the motor oil of coolant contamination (the oil would essentially look like a . Likely the water pump but there should be a "cooking" coolant smell from time . 2022-3-21 · Search: Coolant Disappearing But No Leak. check the hoses on the drivers side, mine leak, you will see crusted up green coolant on the underside of the hose connections and the adapter pipes. 2020-8-3 · Losing Coolant But No Leak: Where Is My Coolant Going? It may sound ghostly if you think of coolant loss, no visible leak. I hope it is a leak, and not something more "serious". When I bought it 6 or so years ago the previous owner used stop . YnotAJeep has the same issue (post #6, above). No puddles, heat doesn't really rise, I can just smell the coolant burning once in a while. If your vehicle is leaking antifreeze, the problem needs to be If there is no puddle but you smell the sweet aroma of antifreeze, . One is an external leak, and if you have to add half a liter each day you should be able to see the leak, or at least drips on the ground. No water in oil, no water from tailpipe. It is best to look for the leaks underneath the car on a lift. When the coolant is burnt in the engine, it usually comes out as white chalky fog. again so every time it does I'll just add water and not coolant till she's about 50/50 again but I'm convinced there is no leak and yup it's. Loosing coolant but no leaks! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. Worn-out radiator cap – A worn-out radiator cap allows minute amounts of coolant to escape as you are driving. Causes Of Coolant Leak Without Visible Leak. I have checked the rear coolant flange, the j plug, expansion tank and no leaks. I have had to refill a whole gallon of coolant within a week. Losing Coolant But No Visible Leaks? (What it Means and What. I put a gallon of the Motorcraft Orange coolant in 2 weeks ago to fill the reservoir back to the line. 2021-8-29 · Can coolant leak from engine block? A cracked engine block can cause a range of problems. If you have a leak at the top level of the radiator (where it usually is on this vehicle), or between radiator and recovery bottle, vacuum will be lost and coolant from recovery bottle will not return to radiator, making you to believe that radiator is full. Exhaust If the head gasket on the vehicle has weakened or burned, it can crack or blow open a water jacket that sits in proximity to the top of the combustion chamber. the area around the top pulley- that is the pulley attached to the water pump. Opened radiator and took sample of coolant. There are some remains of previous coolant leaks on the upper rad hose ends. I inspected the engine compartment for leaks and could not find any coolant residue. 1995 Z28 - So it's done this forever it seems. On Sunday i checked the coolant reservoir to find it empty :angry:. Days later, same event but no signs of coolant leaking anywhere, not even smelling it this goes on for a week. About Disappearing Leak But Coolant No. i didnt know if this was related to the coolant disappearing or no. Another reason the coolant in your car may be disappearing without any visible trace is because the leaking coolant is coming in contact with the engine block and burning up. I have changed the reservoir cap as well thinking the seal went bad. I did a pedal test on the car and got the code ECN . Fixing a Leak in Your Skylight. And the next day it’s empty again. I had my head gaskets changed about 45,000 miles ago and this is not the same. A really good way to test for a leak I've found. I took it to the shop when it first leake/started disappearing four weeks ago and they checked everything including the hoses and said there's no leak so I tossed the problem aside. I am giving you a scenario regarding my vehicle: 1. For example, a coolant leak could have any of these causes: A leak that only occurs under certain operating conditions. I have a 2008ZO6 with no visible coolant leak. This would eventually damage the turbo, but also get burned up thru the . My heater only gets warm and not hot, and. You should then add it to your coolant and it can stop small leaks in your coolant systems. May 20, 2009 · Sometimes head gaskets leak oil into coolant and not coolant into oil You will not have all, only in the worst case sinario Based upon readings in this forum, I am seeking advice regarding intake manifold leak detection This is old issue, few month ago I took a car to mechanic, he checked everything, added …. The steam disperses inside the engine compartment. Many had bad water pumps, which might have been caused by what I mentioned, or just a [censored] batch of water pumps. 2021-12-21 · Coolant disappearing from reservoir but no leaks vivible. BustedKnuckles July 6, 2016, 2:02am #8 The coolant pressure test is obviously showing a coolant leak. Obviously there is a leak but could it be only when there is high . 1 GRAND No coolant in the oil, or no leaking through the exhaust.