discord custom status ideas. Follow these steps to enable discord custom status. Amari Bot and Gaius Play (as mentioned) are quite popular as well. Custom & Animated Emojis · A Guide to Discord Bots. Read this section to find out a few super cool custom Discord status emojis ideas and get inspired. Worrying works! 90% of the things I worry about never happen. All these names are efficient from their places; if you like to have a fantastic identity, and then going with any of these names will surely be a decent choice. Just copy and paste one of these statuses into . The Best 7 Discord Custom Status Ideas that You Must Try 1. If you're already logged in, then you will not be able to see the login screen and will be redirected to the home page. We have divided these status ideas into several categories – for boys, for girls, for friends or love and relationship. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong. Needless to say, no curious children were born. It's a highly customizable and powerful bot, which is not just perfectly good at moderation the chats but also brings a ton of fun features to increase user activity on your server. Best 𝐹𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎 𝒯𝑒𝓍𝓉 For Discord - ⓢⓣⓨⓛⓘⓢⓗ Discord Font Generator Online - 1000+ Discord 𝕮𝖔𝖔𝖑 Fonts. Randomize Status will choose a random object from the List. Open the Discord app and click on your own server icon. Kaomoji is a collection of super cute emojis that can brighten anyone’s day!. Click the emoji in the status text field. - anti-semitism lurking in r/NZ. Laugh at your problems, everybody else does. That means your server needs only 2 server boosts, or the default number given to a single. At a basic level, discord is a multiplayer online game where you play with two or more people in your steam group. Funny discord status · don't worry, beer happy. Set a Status for your Discord account, Do you want a cool free custom status like bots would have? Well you came to the right place this Chrome Item will help you custom set your. Open Discord or go to https://discord. Custom Discord status Image: legit. See more ideas about me quotes, life quotes, relationship quotes. These examples are extracted from open source projects. Try Including Some Kaomoji The inclusion of some kaomoji can make your Discord status way aesthetic and incredible. Discover custom status on discord ideas 's popular videos. If you’re already logged in, then you will not be able to see the login screen and will be redirected to the home page. Tap the emoji next to it to select one for your status. Due to uncertainties about nitro emoji names, the plugin does currently not automatically remove whitespace. 8 Amazing Discord Templates for Your Next Server. "Love is the beginning of everything in life; it leads to unimaginable happiness. Yes, discord usernames, or as we say discord server nicknames have to be chosen with a unique approach, and when you are on discord for fun and cool stuff, you should pick the relative username or server name too. Funny Discord Names: 150+ Name Ideas (March 2022) Discord is a gaming chat application. Enable the option that says Display current activity as a status message. Egirl Pfp GIF - Egirl Pfp Discord - Discover & Share GIFs. Select the emoji you want to include in your status using the emoji picker. They only serve for a better understanding of the topic "Discord Roles". For example if I were trying to have a custom message that says "Playing in the clouds" showing all the time it wouldn't work because the second I launch another game like osu or league it overrides that custom status message when I wouldn't like it to. If you're here now you're looking either for cool or funny or even just weird discord names. How To Add & Use Discord Custom Emojis 04/2022 Guide. In this era of Social Media, the best way to judge someone’s personality is by looking at his social media profile. Atlas Bot is another great choice, which offers several other top-notch features. Discord Server Ideas for Twitch Streamers. Our Discord pfp maker will then walk you through the easy steps of creation. First let us demystify discord. With third-party integrations, you can create custom Discord status messages to show friends what users are doing on just about any site on the web. Discord and Slack Emoji List, browse through thousands of Animated emojis for your Slack channel or Discord server! Hundreds of thinking emojis, animated emojis, and more!. Herein, How long can a Discord status be? Custom statuses are a profile feature on Discord. Genius By Birth, Evil By Choice. You can also set the option to clear the status in a day, 1 hour, 4 hours, 30 minutes, or have it indefinitely. "To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst. Whenever someone views your profile, they’ll be able to click on the buttons on your profile to visit a link. js module that allows you to interact with the Discord API very easily. Click the settings icon by your profile picture and locate discord nitro under. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. This video is about How can you get an animated status on your discord profile. The discord text generator can help create fonts such as double struck, medieval, gothic, old English, cursive, and a large variety of other text styles and fonts as well. Namun tak perlu khawatir akan saya update terus perkembangan akun saya. A Guide to Discord Bots Custom & Animated Emojis. (My Discord account connects to lots of servers, and I don't want to use a different one. The beautiful thing about Discord is that a lot of things are customizable. Discord has joined forces with GitHub and Major League Hacking to produce the ultimate easy-to-use environment for running hackathons. You would never have got the likes of these on MSN, that's for sure. Don’t Blame Me, I Was Born Awesome. The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Discord status can also show you the current status of status pa ge components and voice regions:. It is a Flask Web app that uses various python libraries to generate custom or random crossword puzzles. Note: If you don't have Nitro, you can't use animated emojis, even on you own server. The first step is finding a nice sticker, We've already made a list of the best free Discord Stickers online. Get the latest funniest memes and. Choose Emoji on the left panel and click Upload Emoji. If you're involved in any online community - gaming, fan groups, artist communities, hobby organizations - you're probably on Discord every day. Using custom commands bot you can create 5 types of customizable/editable command. State of Survival Discord Best of all you die like everyone else The house is where you are discording I am still playing games, having fun. If your Discord account is for personal use, feel free to use your own name in this step. Some Information about Discord Custom Status. For example, in the friends list, server member lists, and the list of private messages. Watch popular content from the following creators: 𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗲𝘁𝗶𝘅(@cadetix), kat(@chilledkatt), Agent(@agents_pcs), Nikki(@frickshadowclan), Agent(@agents_pcs). Discord Custom Status Are Dumb. Here are a number of highest rated Discord Long Custom Status pictures on internet. " » Wilson Kanadi; 1 Year = 365 Opportunities. Set Discord custom status is nothing but an eye-catching message which is mainly dedicated to the other players. - Advertisement - Funny Discord Status to use as entertainment and enjoyment and above that standing different. The following are 27 channel ideas for you stream’s server: 1. Discord couples your username with a random number between 0000 and 9999, which means that 9999 people can have the same username. Popular Discord Status Ideas Best of all you die like everyone else The house is where you are discording I am still playing games, having fun. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, discord custom status ideas will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to. How to Use Discord Like a Pro. You can also send these quotes to the discord chat servers to impress the server members with your thoughts. Discord is a chat application that allows millions of users across the globe to message and voice chat online in communities called guilds or servers. Have it running in the background, have Discord pick it up, give it a custom message, and then start your other game. Motivational WhatsApp Status Ideas are very popular, they can even help people to reach their goals! Action is the foundational key to all success. In 2021, Discord has given boosted servers the ability to add custom server banners, server invite backgrounds, and most recently, 300 Stickers became available to all Nitro users and custom Stickers became available to all servers boosted to Level 1. We identified it from trustworthy source. What are some funny discord custom status messages? Close. Find beauty in the small things. Inspirational Discord Status · You were almost a Jill sandwich! · Nothing is right, everything is allowed. By using this addon, your status on discord will change to display rich presence information, including information about your character, your current location, your party, and more!Custom status using the mobile app. In this tutorial, you will configure your own Discord server, create a Discord webhook, write a Bash script that will check the status of a . Discord custom status ideas ; · wake me when you need me. "Dreams are what we aspire to have or do in life, but the only dreams I have are of you. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. It's a job I could always see myself doing. Logically, the animation timeout should be at least 2900. Dreams are the pillars for your future, built it strong. Embed (sends embed) ? Text (Sends a text message) Give role (Gives role) Remove role (Removes role) Toggle role. I hope you enjoyed this post about whatsapp status ideas. Taco Bell is the only place where you can still get gas for $1. In the "Custom Status" menu, type a status in the "Set A Custom Status" box. How to Make a Custom Discord Status With YouTube, Twitch, and. Furthermore, the display name should also be easily readable, mentionable, and not attempt. The ability to make these custom. ) with the funny messages below. This is a Discord Fonts Generator that you can use to make text for Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, TikTok, etc. If you want to show extra love and support for Riplomacy, then VIP status is for you. Choose the emojis you want to upload. Discord Status Ideas Funny : Discord Memes Discordappmemes. Feb 15, 2021 - Explore Lizbeth Guerrero's board "Discord status ideas" on Pinterest. so feel free to try out both modes, and copy paste these amazing statuses in Discord! if you dont have discord then you should get it ;) Credits:. “Every night I go to sleep hoping and wishing that dreams come true. They work as custom Twitch emotes too!. custom status on discord ideas 9. Notice that the message changed to <:emojiname. Cool Status & Captions: A cool status on your Whatsapp and Facebook profile either a cool caption tied with your photos on Instagram will always go crazy. A custom status menu will pop up. Copy and paste it in your config. Adding Emoji Before and After the Text. Discord Profile PFP and/or Banner must be complemented with a Discord Status/About Me 3. Discord provides a whole bunch of great ways to format text, but sometimes they can feel lackluster. So Nerdy Team September 8, 2020. The best emojis for your Discord chats. I tried it and three of four times Discord stayed with Notepad. It allows users to set their own message for other users to see, . You can configure the button's text and link from. Then, go back to Discord and if there's a "Listening to Spotify" status on your profile. With the Logobly Discord logo maker app online, you can create your own Discord logo with Logobly in as little as 60 seconds. Here are the best 45 short cute quotes which will easily fit on your cell or as status of modern social app's. If you are a Discord user, you may have heard what the Discord top secret control panel is. Matching Bios For Couples Discord / Matching Bios For Couples. display your community game server info on your discord. Geeks have a humorous side too, and it is up to you to bring it up. Click on your profile picture in the bottom-left drawer. Top Partners can become premium partners and get paid!. 7m members in the askreddit community. Browse these best short cute quotes and choose the best one to make quick share. How to Get Invisible Discord Name: Use Invisible Character. The discord between who we are and the image we have to live up to slowly kills our aliveness. Use at your own risk!!! Installation [Discord] Get your personal user token - click here Copy and paste it in your config. Custom status has a character limit of around 120 characters, which is generally a line or two. ⛅ Automatized Discord Custom Status using openweathermap. It allows you to implement a large number of customizations to make your experience better. To copy a status message, use the icon below. Custom Status Discord | 750x1294 px; This site is an open community for users to share their favorite pic on the internet, all pix or pictures in this site are for personal picture use only, it is stricly prohibited to use this pic for commercial purposes, if you are the writer and find this pic is shared without your permission, please kindly raise a DMCA report to Us. What are some ideas for Discord custom statuses? 2 Answers Opie Teller , uses product frequently, owner/admin/mod in several servers Answered 1 year ago · Author has 486 answers and 1. the list of server members is updated. If you are offline or are in Invisible mode, it won't appear on others' profiles. So i divided the best discord status into different heading tags so which one is perfect for you directly jump to there and pick the right discord status. You can even use a custom server emojis if you have Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic. 31/03/2022 default avatar discordblack white grey jordan 1 low. 2: - Added new supported sites - Select which sites you want display - New UI - Icon change when is connected and when is disconnected You. Check out the products mentioned in this article:. Susan is a Discord bot developer by night and a programmer by day. "Every night I go to sleep hoping and wishing that dreams come true. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, best discord custom status ideas will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many. , the name that shows up while reading the chat) of users should be in line with the rules of the server. This method is used to change the bot's status. 10 Custom Discord Status Ideas: The Ultimate List Susan is a Discord bot developer by night and a programmer by day. When life is hard, it means you are on the surface. Invisible is a status on Discord that helps you appear offline to others. I've tried appearing online, setting my Discord status to Online, linking and unlinking, and redownloading my profile on Xbox. Discord name ideas Trying to impress your friends with a cool discord name? Don't worry, we've got you covered. When we suppress parts of ourselves, it lowers our mojo, sense of fulfillment, leadership effectiveness and impact in the workplace. These Discord role ideas are just examples that you don't have to follow. Disclaimer: Fitur 'Custom Status Animation' ini tidak memiliki izin dari Discord, jadi bilmana terjadi sesuatu pada akun Anda, misalkan kena banned bukan tanggung jawab EvoTekno. Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Discord Partners get special features like custom servers, VIP voice servers, exclusive partner badges, and free access to Discord Nitro, an enhanced Discord experience with better video and screen share quality, higher upload limits, and custom emojis. In the past, a lot of servers used Mee6 for ranks, but there are other Discord bots that may be better for you depending on your needs. lets keep this out of our sub as per rule 3-4. Funny Status Messages For Facebook Discord And Whatsapp Find the best custom emojis for your Discord or Slack server. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Discord – 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑, ⎝⎝ GͥOͣDͫ ⎠⎠, 𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 , ꧁꧂⪓⚡Nℽx๏ℽ⚡⪔꧁꧂, ╲⎝⧹𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑⧸⎠╱,. Matching Discord Status Ideas For Couples. 2 Save This Page as a Reference; 2 Behind the Scenes: Discord's Text Formatting Engine. Choose the server that you have the manage emoji permission. All of these cool statuses are too cool and easy fit on your cell as social media status, photo captions and. Hello friends, today I will tell you about some Discord status that you will be very happy after reading, In this post, I will tell you about Discord status with different categories so if you also want to know about Discord status then this post is for you and you can read this post completely. A bot which automatically tweets status updates of Discord's services. I want a custom message to show without having other games I open override that custom message. Hide Discord Tags (optional) Moderators. activities for status in all_status: if isinstance (status, discord. If you're here then you probably know or have used Discord before. 10 Custom Discord Status Ideas: Ultimate List - Интернет. If you want to share a funny discord status with all of your friends, you can use these ideas. Popular Discord Status A gamer at work. cool discord custom status copy and paste. Ever since Discord allowed custom status, I've seen some pretty good ones, how about you guys? Join their fascinating #NFT adventure and benefit from #CowTrade! Invite. Gif Icon Discord Nitro - Custom Status Discord. When I first discovered how to make text bold, I was a bit shocked at how infrequently people. Aesthetic Status Ideas For Discord are a topic that is being searched for and liked by netizens today. How To Use Discord Webhooks to Get Notifications for Your. clever status for discord. ##Discord webhook # Change the 'your_discord_webhook_name' with your actual Discord Webhook ## url = " your_discord_webhook_name " As you'll possibly use this script to check the status of multiple websites, make a variable called websites_list and store the domain names or IP addresses of the websites that you want to monitor. Requires Discord Nitro usually, but this also applies to emojis obtained. Discord Status Ideas Funny · gamer zone, be careful. How to use different fonts on Discord? Here is the step-by-step instruction on creating fancy text in Discord. Discord App introduced Custom Status tags on iOS, desktop app, and browser recently with word that the same for Android would follow soon. 1 From humble beginnings on Discord…. 50+ Aesthetic Twitter Usernames and Ideas: The Ultimate List. Also feel free to private msg me with feedback or if you'd like for me to make a part 2. If Discord doesn’t detect your game/app, you can add it manually by clicking Add it button. sb!config host "server ip/host". All Post must be a Funny/Extraordinary Discord Status/About Me 2. Click on the "Download" button and select the desired file with a set of emojis by clicking on it 2 times. 10 Custom Discord Status Ideas: The Ultimate List. royal dansk cookies asda bankroll rich the kid lyrics 0. Kaomoji is a collection of super cute emojis that can brighten anyone's day!. It can kick, ban or award member ranks but can also be used to conduct polls, giveaways. The one thing that stays with you across all your Discord groups is your profile picture, or PFP. There is a random mode, where your status is generated from many different kinds of things. Remember to 🌟 this Github if you 💖 it. Here are a number of highest rated Discord Custom Status Ideas pictures on internet. Ideas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) r/FunnyDiscordStatus Rules 1. Dec 14, 2021 · discord custom status ideas aesthetic. Asking & Sharing Discord Status/About Me/PFP/Banner ideas is ALLOWED! 4. Discord not showing Xbox game status. Discord Status Ideas Custom. Here are a number of highest rated Good Discord Statuses pictures on internet. See more ideas about crush quotes, be yourself quotes, distance love . Well, the Custom Status for Android is currently rolling out in Beta updates. Features run on startup and minimizing to tray. Then here we are with the post that will help you in achieving the task. You can even use Custom Server Emojis if you have Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic ! 3. If you're looking to create a cool Discord custom status, then you've come to the right place! In this list, we're going to take a look at various ideas to help you craft a cool and intriguing status to show off to your friends. Don't Blame Me, I Was Born Awesome. Your custom status (both your text and emoji) will now appear below your username in the Discord channel user lists. Consider Donating! If you want to support my work and make me create better systems in the future, you can donate me through Patreon, please visit my donate page for more information. py bots! """This custom help command is a perfect replacement for the default one on any Discord Bot written in Discord. Note: Your Discord custom status will not appear if you are offline or appearing offline. I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks. Pride Month Activities Around Discord and The World. At best, it should be roughly 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds) for the animation to look smooth on other clients. Tellyourchildren art animation illustration digital gif. There are only two times that I want to be with you, now, and forever. if you liked these cool and funny whatsapp status ideas, don't forget to your followers. Discord Profile PFP andor Banner must be complemented with a Discord StatusAbout Me. 91 Discord status ideas | life quotes, inspirational great www. To simultaneously underline and italicize your words or phrases, surround the text with a single asterisk symbol for the italicize command and add â ¦ button. Custom discord status custom status discord ideas include some kaomoji you . How to Add Custom Emoji on Discord Status?. Make some fun by sharing this cool status, captions and cool quotes which will make your post go viral and get more like or comments. Translated to multiple languages. UNSAFE] How To Get Animated Custom Status On Discord. We take this nice of Discord Custom Status Ideas graphic could possibly be the most trending topic behind we share it in google lead or facebook. Answer (1 of 2): * playing pretend * ask me about __ * * ama __ * AMA * ask me ab my __ * watching time go, “Byeq!” * MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…. Its submitted by giving out in the best field. I think people are finding this from searching for funny discord statuses. Just like Facebook statuses, those in your circle will be able to view what you post. - *Also costs 80% more than 80% of portable PCs. aesthetic article bunny discord templates. Discord supports creating custom chat rooms or joining chat poems of several giving communities. I filled up my car and it showed up on my credit report. It is a very creative way to keep things interesting. A Custom Rich Presence on Discord allows you to add a custom game, description, and buttons to your profile. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #customdiscord, #discordstatusideas, #customstatus, #discordstatus, #customideas, #discordstatuslyrics. You can make your gaming experience more exciting and fun by using these funny statuses. About Custom Discord Ideas Status. A place that makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. Click "Today" to open a drop-down menu and select a time frame for the status to display. Don't stand too close to the heater babe. In my opinion a cute og name/any simple word and the #0001 tag looks really nice, but you can make your tag whatever you'd like! These are just some names I think are really pretty & nice. Select from variables to make your bot feel more human and personable. After you've integrated Spotify with Discord, open Spotify and play a song. Changes the status icons to wrap around the avatar. To enable the Discord Activity status: Click on the Gear icon next to your username (located at the bottom left). Discord Status has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. Your Discord communication will be less formal and much more exciting. The ultimate collection of attitude status in English ideas, quotes, and messages you can use on any social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. What are some funny discord custom status messages? · anytime i see the problem, i step in. The doors will be open to those who are bold enough to knock. About Status Discord Custom Ideas. " ― Henna Inam, Wired for Authenticity: Seven Practices to Inspire, Adapt, & Lead. Of these features, Discord's Rich Presence statuses have evolved from being a way to show friends what game users are currently playing to showing what song they're listening to and more. Welcome images, voice/text levels per guild, global levels, logs, high quality music, moderation and many many more! A currency bot, that's only focused on currency. · tonight, i feast on the flesh of fools. Type your custom status, then click the Clear After menu to choose a time frame. Your discord status will auto change by using this trick. Find and save images from the cute discord matching collection by nicole (emily_nicole98) on we heart it,. Discord status ideas aesthetic | discord status ideas best www. - My attempt at an icon: neumorphism. 27 Channel Ideas for Your Stream's Discord Server. Copy this post's permalink to the clipboard. Jan 31, 2022 - Explore Sage Windrow's board "Discord Statuses", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. This is also a good way of having a custom game status when you're not playing anything. Treat me like a joke and I'll leave you like it's funny. Last year, Sony made a minority investment in Discord and announced its partnership with the messaging giant to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together. Search: Discord Custom Status Ideas. ) I have found a way to make my Discord status show Spotify, but it's not that great, because it disappears when the song ends. Inappropriate User Profiles - For ease of communication and the comfort of those in chat, the profile picture, custom status, and display names (i. According to a Github issue on discord-api-docs, More specifically, this issue, and even more specifically, this comment on that issue. We can find most of the tiktok users part 1best tik tok couple romantic couple musically love birds faisu arishfa jannat lucky. Provide the name of the game to the name argument. Whatsapp, facebook, discord etc. Jan 23, 2022 · In this list, we're going to . How to Get a Custom Rich Presence on Discord. Discord Custom Status Ideas ; Aesthetic Text Fonts. 1- Have an option to show your status only for: Everyone, friends or friends of friends. 4: - Status now update faster 1. Welcome to Discord's home for real-time and historical data on system performance. Aesthetic Discord Template's (Bunny's And More). Once you've saved your custom status, it will appear alongside your name in user lists throughout Discord. If you're looking to add a multipurpose bot to your Discord server, GAwesome is a perfect choice. Click on the emoji to add an emoji to your custom status. The client object for the bot has a method change_presence. 1 How to Create Discord Bold Text; 3. So, we need such kind of Short Cute Quotes, messages and meaningful short status which express lot with short face. x Get webhook notifications whenever Discord creates an incident, updates an incident, resolves an incident or changes a component status. As explained by in the docs, a user can have multiple activities, but try this out for size:. Create an invite-only place where you belong. If you're looking to create a cool Discord custom status, then you've come to the right place!. Here are 120+ quotes to help you get started. Sad Discord Status Ideas / Funny discord status to use as entertainment and enjoyment and above that standing different. 100+ Cool Status, Captions and Short. Optionally, you can change the name of the emoji by erasing the previous. As part of this effort, Discord started rolling out an option to connect your PlayStation Network (PSN) account to Discord for rich. In the menu, type message or choose emoji (optional). Bilamana tidak ada update tolong tuliskan komentar di bawah, takutnya saya lupa. The Best 7 Discord Custom Status Ideas that You Must Try The best status ideas in Discord below will assist you in gaining popularity. It allows users to set their own message for other users to see, acting like a playing status. About discord custom status ideas discord custom status ideas provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. The users can quickly enter the group chat from their system to access the other players and discuss the game rules, winning strategy and other details about the game. Custom Status lets users customize their own personal status to let other's know what you are up to. See more ideas about pretty words, words, words quotes. Paste it wherever we want in Discord. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Discord - 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑, ⎝⎝ GͥOͣDͫ ⎠⎠, 𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 , ꧁꧂⪓⚡Nℽx๏ℽ⚡⪔꧁꧂, ╲⎝⧹𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑⧸⎠╱,. Game () to display the bot as playing a game. that's my idea :) Throw in some ideas/comments if you want :D. How to Change Your Status on Discord. Jan 31, 2022 - Explore Sage Windrow's board "Discord Statuses", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. If you looking for Rich Presence for Discord you found perfect addon for this 😄 1. Discord also lets you set a custom status if the built-in ones won't quite do the job. Now this is something that not everyone know about, but it can make your bot unique. beepBot - 24/7 hosted, feature-rich and customizable Discord Bot for all your needs. “Love is the beginning of everything in life; it leads to unimaginable happiness. If your Discord is for a group or company, use that name instead. Discord Server Theme Ideas One of the best things about Discord is the flexibility it provides to the user for various customizations. commands : sb!status main command, get bot status. 3 Remember This Going Forward; 3 How to Format Text in Discord. You can promote your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Don't try to impress other you may lose your reality. Click on your profile picture at the bottom left of your app then click Set a custom status 2. What you're after is a CustomActivity.