sickfic tumblr. Character A is pretending to be their friend’s lover for the sake of the friend’s family. an underutilized sickfic idea, based on the thing i am currently experiencing right now, is a character whose head is just so full of cold they have no idea what is going on. He despised sharing a room with Finn. An ongoing collection of sickfic one-shots and ficlets (three chapters or less) involving all characters. He had already interviewed both the dead woman's husband and her gardener. this is disgusting *eats it up* then again it's emeto so I probably shouldn't eat it-sickfic prompts emeto emeto tw emeto prompt 228 notes Mar 7th, 2022 Open in app. victoriablackrose: Royal setting. US Helplines: Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696; Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433. Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku. What does sickfic mean? (fandom slang, countable) A fanfic which focuses on a character dealing with illness. #sickfic #sick fic #belly kink #bellyache #stomachache #upset stomach #tummyache #upset tummy #full belly #vomit #vomit kink; 52; Seasickness is one of my favorites. Suga’s cool fingers brush aside his bangs, and Kageyama can’t help but melt into the comforting touch. Welcome to Darling’s Sickfic and Whump blog! This is an 18+ Space Please and Thanks!There is going to be be lots feels and suffering of my fave characters! Topics include, but are not limited to emeto, nausea, illness, crying, embarrassment, humiliation, tummy aches, food intolerance, and scat. Put them in an armchair close to a fireplace. Their characters' fanbases, however, have other ideas. heya! you can call me quartz, this is a place for me to put sickfic that I like so that i don't loose it. *Stomach Full of Bullshit (emeto, 4,556 words, ot7 but mainly vmin, taehyung-centric. Tags List Last Updated: November 12, 2018 at 9:43PM UTC+08:00 (Monday) • Oneshots | Twoshots | Multishots | Long Oneshots | Oneshot Collection | 2nd Person POV | Supercorp Week Fics • Complete |. There were supposed to be 50 of these, but I could only come up with 41. Made a Mess: probably a scat fic since it’s been awhile. subject to change for: JAN-MAY 2022 key: editing - ↺ finishing up - writing - updated: 220317 I DO NOT ANSWER ASKS ABOUT UPDATES. Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: DLAMPR (platonic), Roceit (s3xual/QPP), Creativitwins (familial), Intrulogical (QPP), Dukexiety (romantic/QPP) Characters: Roman-centric. It may take me a while to upload everything I have so far, so if you'd like, feel free to check out my tumblr account @casper-and-their-sick-fanfiction. cheek kisses, touching foreheads, massages, tummy rubs, cuddling… what are your favorite things to write about (besides sickfic)?. Put a fresh set of sheets on the bed. " "I told you not to take your pills on an empty stomach!" "Stay here. And for context, he has just been wounded in a fall and his head is bleeding. Regina awoke and laid in a dreamy state, stretching her neck and arms gracefully. Also, I'm publishing my English poems here, so that everyone can read them ;D. beauty queen on a silver screen, Wendy’s LU Sickfic Recc List. Just a little bit of a headache. Here's a Five-centric sickfic list for @nocternaljunipers!. This is a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight infections. Additional Tags: Caretaking, Sickfic, Sick Character, Fever, Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Daddy Issues, Adam Parrish Has No Chill, Adam Parrish Is Trying His Best, Adam Parrish & Blue Sargent Friendship, Slice of Life Summary: Ronan’s sick. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Character B is said friend’s sibling. As the hours pass, the Captain's head starts feeling like it's being stuffed with cotton, the vague sore throat he. Blaine had discovered that being in a relationship was full of surprises. No one asked for this, I just made it because. DEArtfest detroit evolution detroit evolution fanart octopunkmedia Octopunkmedia fanart gavin reed gavin900 reed900 nines rk900 gavin x rk900 gavin x nines sickfic. "Hey Kookie, hyungs want us to go grab dinner for them and bring it back to the dorm. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Kirishima and Bakugo have to learn to navigate each other's' lives as they switch at random, causing wacky shenanigans and whatnot. A viral tweet has highlighted some of the reasons why fanfiction writers are late with their updates and how determined they are to post fic. Sally slowly got up and tucked the blanket around her son, who didn't stir. This is a collection of fairly short Avengers sickfic drabbles. i love when thoughts swirl around in my brain. This got way longer than I ever expected it to be, but I loved writing it. Ignis has dedicated his life to caring for Noctis, and I would love to see a role reversal. Steggy Week is a celebration of the Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter ship. Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Jeon Jungkook-centric, Fever, Ear infection, Crying, Jungkook is trying to adult But adulting is hard, Protective Hyungs, Everybody Loves Jungkook, Platonic Relationships. Of course I also take requests, take a look at my rules page for a list of my fandoms! :D. The last month of her pregnancy with X, she couldn't walk. I just love Patrick’s unconditional acceptance of ALL of David, even the messy parts. other tags: fluff, angst, sickfic; Changkyun wakes up with a splitting headache and he doesn’t remember a thing from last night. Earth had always loved the life that inhabited him. ” “I told you not to take your pills on an empty stomach!” “Stay here. (There aren't any spoilers in this, guys. Yato’s eyes widened in horror when he realised the situation was quickly becoming dire. Sideblog but I post on it more than my main. 🥵 If they’re too hot: Flip their pillow to the cool side. Sickfic and Hurt/Comfort Hellblog: My cautious attempt at a writing blog. could just be a common cold, could be the start of something bad. oikawa goes to practice sick and iwa-chan is left to deal w the aftermath. I love it when they comfort each other in a fic… and I love a sickfic. intro! because i probably have to make one of these. Hey Guys, nice to meet you! Call me Terry. 18 years old, female, call me "Yume" for short, I'm author of published drama plays and some fanfictions, I love to chat and talk :D. As Cade swept his gaze up and down. #seventeen #fanfiction #fanfic #ao3 #archive of our own #s. warning: graphic descriptions of vomiting, carsickness, and some descriptions of a panic attack. I'm a university student of 24 and I'm like totally into sickfics, so this blog is dedicated to . I'm never going on another roller coaster. Summary: He promised himself that night, as he cradled Mirabel so, so gently. They might’ve been pale porcelain, grayed by the soot. instead, he got very lightheaded, and then threw up on the floor between his legs. “This one thinks Ikarus is a god,” the telepath snorts, and the woman is swallowed by the mist, headed everywhere and nowhere at all. Consuming expired hot chocolate or egg nog. Including the fear of being caught. Fosters Sickfic Series Chapter 9: Callie. He just failed to mention one minor issue before coming to visit at the lake house for the weekend. Thompson: *plays Can you feel the love tonight on a kazoo. … A prequel of sorts, it will make sense. Avengers; Brave, The; Brooklyn 99; Criminal Minds; Daredevil. I’m tempted to write another sickfic sort of deal because I can’t stop sneezing and had an idea [REDACTED] help. Additional Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Todoroki Shouto is a Good Significant Other, Midoriya Izuku Has Self-Esteem Issues, Sick Midoriya Izuku Series: Part 5 of Tododeku Week 2021 Summary: “I’m not sick, don’t worry about me,” Izuku said quietly. With Harry's help, Albus rebuilds it, and over the years it becomes a hiding place, a sanctuary, a place for tears and romance, and ultimately his favourite place in the world. A small boy stood in the direct path of the ayakashi, frozen in horror, eyes locked on it. I’ve been…pretty into Allurance lately. I love that despite Stan being a grump he actually cares for the twins. Or at least gives you a migraine. If I chose Gary, he would immediately whisk me away from my mother's. This was followed by me telling her and her sister that I thought their stories about D&D were really fun and creative. “Why don’t you let someone else take care of you for a change. B rolled their eyes and pulled A to their feet, forcing them to walk. Fluff, comedy, angst, hurt/comfort, reconciliation, hurt no comfort, sickfic; Your own headcanons and theories or AUs! Gore/death (to any level of detail; if you're unsure just ask!) Darker themed fics (entirely situational, please ask!) WON'T WRITE: NSFW (sex scenes and nonsexual nudity alike) RPF (just not my thing). She’ll always be Klaus’ little sister. herbgerblin: [ID: First image is of Lup, an elven woman, standing at the top of a staircase. hello tumblr fanfic writers I'm here to say something to your sick faces: NON CON IS RAPE. 14, "My Bloody Valentine, at about 38 minutes in, Sam is in the panick room, detoxing from demon blood //again// and Cas tries to reassure Dean. In the review, 68% of men measured between 4. " "Okay, I'll be out in a sec hyung. Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Stomach Flu, Vomiting, Caretaking, Tenderness, Cuddling, Teasing. so, in order to make a sickfic catered to my tastes, here is what i want (and tw for mentioned vomiting!). Pinned Post my masterpost didn't include vld fics bc they're old but if you really care there's plenty of lance sickfics and whump on my ao3 masterpost sickfic sickfic masterpost haikyuu!! jujutsu kaisen my hero academia boku no hero academia jjk hq!! haikyuu mha bnha. using a fine strainer, pour mixture into a small bowl. “If you need something, just holler. what elements of sickfic are your favorites? snz, fevers, sore throats, coughing, nausea/vomiting, etc. Prompt: Did you say you were taking Connor prompts?What if Connor's thirium 310 got badly tainted before his systems pick up on it and he ends up weirdly nauseated and throwing up like a human bug and Hank has to keep making sure Connor keeps replenishing his thirium even though Connor can't keep itdown until his systems are nearly completely purged leaving Connor. Sick fanfic (but not to the point of death). Never ever leave the pot heating unattended. Niall groaned in response, kicking his duvet off and stumbled to the door, his head spinning and stomach churning. The puff of air from Konro's chuckle against the tender hairs behind his ear raised goosebumps over Beni's skin. Sickfic Prompt: Road Trip 2 characters, A and B, arguing about directions while on a road trip, they’re totally lost and don’t know where they’re going. Some trips it was with music, others flew by with layered conversations, but this time, his body was bent on dragging out the minutes with pure …. I feel like this is Itto's entire personality and I'm here for it. It was far too obvious to him, but he loved to keep John and Lestrade guessing. sideblog for illness, general hurt/comfort, and whump stuff. Jesus' lower half was swollen; he had an ice pack bandaged around his chin. yet another whump/sickfic blog woohoo. Junto a sus nuevos compañeros empezarán su travesía para convertirse en Grandes Héroes, pero los peligros acechan desde la oscuridad, y no todo será color de rosa para la. You can say "block me if you dont wanna see it 梁" all you want but it doesn't make it good. Synopsis: The youngest in the pack Jungkook, still has a lot to learn. It’s not such a bad way to live, Sanosuke thinks. For Tumblr By Peter Vidani Theme:. #the beatles #paul mccartney #stomach flu #the beatles 1964 #sick #sicknario #poor baby #sickfic prompt #Youtube. There will be a lot of Bakugo threatening Kirishima to act more like an asshole in his body, and emotional moments. oh child-*pat pat* novemetober 2020 sickfic emeto tw emeto cw emeto emetophilia shit i'm feeling bad for a fictional character at six am i have school damnit submission 20 notes Nov 16th, 2020 Open in app. - “I told you that you’d get sick if you cuddled with me… and no I’m not making you soup because I’M STILL SICK. He hums and I rock, and he lifts big ole grey/green eyes to look at me and then pushes his face into my stomach (where I’m learning is one of his favorite places to be lol). I'm a fan fiction writer and hopefully a professional Artist one day in the future. valentine’s day sickfic prompts. fic-writings been difficult but I could post some more art n stuff!!!. Jeongin : will probably start crying. Every single time, without fail, and they’re awful. He wasn't able to fully place the feeling and sighed as he got out of bed for another day of busy schedules. An awkward lump of pillows supported his back, dipping slightly in the middle-ugh, he had allen asleep on the couch again. Hurt / Comfort Sickfic Drabble Prompts thebelletower: " "Share and enjoy! " 1. Here is some Ichi sickfic for you, hope you enjoy! Warning for a brief mention of needles (drawing blood, very brief and non-graphic) under the cut: At first Ichimatsu didn’t give much thought to the fatigue and sore throat he’d been suffering through all day–it had been annoying, but he figured it was probably just allergies, and had. This public space is not for those subjects. Words: 279, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English. graceknowsirondad asked: Would you be able to write an irondad sickfic, with Peter getting sick in the lab. If you want content not related to that you can find that here. "Alya! Stop that and go get her a cold, wet cloth, her fever is way to high!" Alya did what Adrien told her and he put the cloth on her forehead to. on this blog you'll be able to find everything from grade a smut to heart melting fluff. Here we go - it's my own translation, so sorry for any mistakes! His name is Beck and her's is Riley. She is wearing an extravagent red robe with ruffles and a rhinestone clasp, and big flashy earrings. 笠stuffed animals pets hugs first kiss. It was not a real decision, of course. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight. “Face it Iwaizumi, your s/o is right” Makki said. You’ve already sweat through that one. Sherlock stood towering over her, inspecting, deducing. A tumblr post from memoryslandscape, reading: "I miss you more than I remember you. My Fanfic/Writing Blog — Who's ready for KiriSaya Sickfic. Will placed Nico down on the bed, retrieving a bucket “just in case”. 'A' has always had fun playing with the liars, but now they have the biggest game to date in store for the girls. See a recent post on Tumblr from @moonlightdancer26 about hedric. Discover more posts about sick-harry. Rubbing their eyes with a groan, they pulled themselves upright against vertigo. Sickfic Craving : r/FanFiction. I like sickfics, I write sickfics and prompts. Canon Divergent AU: forever is home (with you) by moonsteps (23k, teen+) One of those fics where Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are in an arranged marriage but then they fall in love and all the tragedy of canon is conveniently ignored and everyone gets a happy ending!. REBLOG IF YOU ARE A WRITER ON TUMBLR. Extremely nauseous characters gagging and burping into their fist to try and keep from being sick. "If you mention food one more time, I swear I will eviscerate you. Ron and Ginny were both extremely red faced, and Harry later found out that this was because Mr and Mrs Weasley had been asked to help the. Guide Me to the Sun-(Quirkless AU, shoulder injury, brief hospital stay, some sickfic content, injury to animals, brief vet clinic scene) Shouta is an aerial acrobat, grounded by a serious injury and facing the possibility of an end to his career. sickfic tropes that make me gush so we all know i love sickfics, they’re my favorite type of fanfictions (hmu if u have recs im desperate). Reblog to help your tumblr family to keep going in spite of everything that they are struggling with. A slapped the hand away, “I feel fine”. Open a window to let in fresh air. 4 *Summary: Daryl has gotten sick with fever, but he won’t admit it and slow down until he just can’t keep going, passing out and ending up bedridden, haunted by nightmares and trapped in deliriums about his past abuse while the reader tries to take care of him. I found this on yahoo answers about this same topic. # and when i have been i haven't been able to think of any prompts. Cey stops behind you, his hands coming up to cup your face as his chest kicks up with a loud, rumbling purr. As in any other medium, it is often used in comics. In movies scenes like these slow down. Current Muses: 911, Marvel, and more! Indigo2831′s '911′ Fanfic Masterpost. This would be bad enough, but when Peter starts getting seriously ill on top of that, it all goes to shit. A Horror & sickfic writer — Anemo Archon’s sick day. Don’t Tempt Me (TW HOSPITALS, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, DEPRESSION) Dylan-Stomach bug on first day as new kid. Sickfic, Caretaking, Bathing/Washing, Comfort Food, Good Uncle Lán Qǐrén, it's a mild cold, low stakes softness, Domestic Fluff. Which reminds me, you can check out Sunny’s 12-page sickfic comic here. 笠stuffed animals pets hugs first kiss. pants he's been wearing for multiple years. kindness, and happiness, now dull with sadness and pain, his hair was slicked down and stuck to. Heyo, ich hab mal wieder mit den Video-Bearbeitungsprogrammen experimentiert und diese kleine unbedeutende Sickfic entstand xD Viel Spaß. His siblings have a much simpler idea of what's wrong. i wanted to bring up the time (in 2011) when he saw a co-trainee getting extremely sick in the middle of the night (the trainee mentioned it was food poisoning and he was throwing up, lightheaded, just incredibly ill), and yoongi told him to wipe his face, clean up, and he would …. I like to think I'm friendly :) Don't let the military bomb the bighorns!. Your writing kickstarted my inspiration to open my own writing blog. The movie may have been good to that point, but failed to stick. Sickfic writer, Whump, Dhani Harrison, The Beatles, wolves and orcas, Equestrian, mclennon, book hoarder, reader/writer. His belly twists, and he groans when it gurgles, a cramp rippling tight across the center of it. - someones noisy belly giving away that they dont feel too hot/ate too much (or both!) - loud gurgles before someone burps (bonus points if followed by a groan). Before he met Maddie and Tom, Sonic was living in a cave in the woods which, I'm sure, presented a few key issues. Story Status: Complete WIP Rating: G T M Length: Short (less than 35k) Medium (35k-75k) Long (75k-125k) Epic (more than 125k) Chaptered One-Shot Genre Abuse Adultry Animagus Angst Bond (Includes. in a small pot, heat sugar, water, and strawberries until boiling. I'm so grateful for you amazing amazing amazing. The flashlight had ended up pointing directly at the fireplace, and for some reason, now, Keith could see the small, pale pieces that littered the hearth along with the ashes. a short fluffy sickfic for sweet Molls because she most definitely didn't request it @lanawinters-ily. this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first. ️first valentine's day together gifts date night lonely. Do you have any other details. So he grabbed the android's blue-stained arm in front of him. This is a sickfic/sneeze fetish/whump blog: illness, allergies, sniffles, nose-blowing, coughing, fever, caretaking, injuries, the whole nine yards. After a few trials and mutual attraction…. namgi: airsickness = puking + …. Miraculous Ladybug Fic Recs. And that includes the difference between safe, and not so safe blood. He sniffled immediately after, countering his words. follow/reblog for more ActionFigures FanArt. "Meredith, there can’t be more than one sick person in that operating room. He wrapped his arms around the maknae's neck and gave him a peck on the cheek Dance rehearsal was hell Explore Tumblr posts for tag #agere - Tumbral iKON debuted on September 15th, 2015 under YG Entertainment A collection of Jisung one-shots ft A collection of Jisung one-shots ft. members have to drag him away from his studio if he’s being particularly stubborn, though sometimes he listens to his body. Vision going dark around the edges; vision whiting out. I predominantly write with OC's, but if I get a really good fandom request I'll try it. Never did Kaito think there would be a moment where Kokichi willingly showed weakness to him, even once they were in a relationship. If you're up for it, can you please write another fic of a really sick Viktor? Please?! Ahhh, thank you so much!!! I’d love to. Fluff, comedy, angst, hurt/comfort, reconciliation, hurt no comfort, sickfic; Your own headcanons and theories or AUs! Gore/death (to any level of detail; if you’re unsure just ask!) Darker themed fics (entirely situational, please ask!) WON’T WRITE: NSFW (sex scenes and nonsexual nudity alike) RPF (just not my thing). quackity: i can’t mansplain manipulate manwhore my way out of this one boys. follows back from @sicklystarlight but please message/follow me here instead!. In case anyone else would like some soft inspiration over the next few weeks snuggles. eddsworld eddsworld fanfic eddsworld fanfiction eddsworld fic rec paupat fluff sickfic mod ut fic rec eddsworld coffee shop au COFFEE SHOP AU 25 notes Sep 22nd, 2019 Open in app. We still rock in silence and I’m still petting him. Whumpee’s with separation anxiety that will scream, cry, fight and sob until their caretaker returns. we'd love to have you when your 18+ xoxo. This is pretty long so it’s going to have to go under the cut: Of ALL The Possible Scenarios by Ri (miniminis_ri) Rhodey decides to take a walk around the streets of Queens when he meets one Peter Parker. Darry and I panicked a bit, since the last thing we needed was Soda ingesting mercury. Rape Crisis Scotland:08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight. I'm on the Highway to Sickfics — My Prompts (and fics). I write sickfic for my OCs, and I take requests :) Please talk to me, I don't bite! its-a-goddamn-heartbreak. Additional Tags: Johnlock - Freeform, Smut, Sex, Parentlock, Medical, Sickfic, Background Relationships Series: Part 3 of Baker Tweet Boys Summary: John and Sherlock fall into parenthood and take it head-on. beingjaymee: Sousa and Peggy: *exist in the same room, and look at eachother for 0. You are a really good writer and if you can or have the time to make more Adrien Agreste sickfics I would definitely suggest it :). #thank you staff for the meme opportunity <3 /neg #owl hoots. A woman stands, tall and reedy from years of paddling canoes on the river, her eyes moon-white under Druig's spell. Well, if you call being allergic to cats a curse. minho felt tears prick his eyes and stubbornly refused to let them fall. I feel like this is Itto’s entire personality and I’m here for it. Anonymous : Pls write the allurance sickfic we need. Apr 18, 2017 · prompts sickfic writingprompts There were supposed to be 50 of these, but I could only come up with 41. Reply: Ooh, sickfic is one of my favorite genres! As such, I have an extensive bookmark collection which you can find here on AO3. Drinking too much at a Christmas party. You know your writing and story better than we do, you know what’s in it and what it’s about. Based on @dontfeeltoohot ‘s sickfic whumptober prompt list … Fuzzy pain tugged at the corners of Obi-Wan’s consciousness. get a random rec (based on tumblr's /random algorithm, though i have my suspicions) FAQ. The little fairy moans in pleasure and relief as rubs his overstuffed belly, prompting a steady flow of heavy, sick burps— that always smell like onions— out of his mouth. Yoongi likes to think he knows Taehyung. - “accidentally” sneezing on people when you have a cold - blowing into things which are not tissues or hankies (shirts, towels Jan 11, 2022 · I’m tempted to write another sickfic sort of deal because I can’t stop sneezing and had an idea [REDACTED] help #thank you staff for the meme opportunity. One sneeze turns into three and you reach to grab a tissue off the nightstand and rub your running nose. Immodest Immoderation: Part 1. I like my eyes and their color. Leo' Completed August 22, 2018 s th4. It’s taken me a lot to make this blog because I’ve always been a really anxious person but I try to be nice to everyone and I know sickfic is a take it or leave it kind of thing. She used to think she’d get used to it eventually, living on the coast and all, but she’s never gotten her sea legs. Now," Finn half-yelled, throwing a pillow at Kurt. #fanfiction #fanfic #fandoms #irondad #spiderson #writing #fanfics #sickfic #sickfics #i have too many fics #whumptober2019 #whump More you might like. #bts fic rec #this took too many hours #i did this instead of working #and sleeping #bts sickfic #bts sickfics #bts sickfic rec #emeto #bts emeto #bts eructo #eructo #it's two in the morning #sorry for the mistakes :)) More. i love!! sickfic dialogue and what it can say about the characters in very few words, but i know it can be hard to come up with different ways of conveying the same idea. While we do try to add all the appropriate warnings, there’s a reason we ask authors to put in the warnings themselves. For when they’re a bit uncomfortable and has a loving caretaker around. The drive to the lake house always seemed a little too long for Ezra, but he usually managed to keep himself occupied enough. A blog dedicated to appreciate the pairing of Momo x Ochako! Also, yall can come chat with me about YaorUraka, Momo, Ochako, or Bnha! Ask me about headcanons, cute YaorUraka ideas, anything! Don't be. wrote a small sickfic for 3/D and here are some illustrations for it… with a few details changed. I was struggling to figure out how lightning works (then it struck me) by alittlestitious. Enjoy :) 1000 Days by Engineerd Word Count: 11,207 Chapters: 1/1 Rating:. You don’t want to end up even more sick,” she said. Hey there it’s been a while, sorry about that. A woman stands, tall and reedy from years of paddling canoes on the river, her eyes moon-white under Druig’s spell. He’s rescued but leaves again, until he finally decides he’s ready to come home. 【Anime: Akira (1988)】 【Character: Tetsuo Shima】. true puke story last night, y’all. A has the biggest game to date in store for the girls. pick a theme (as many as you like!) tag it with #steggyweek21 in the first five tags. whump sicknario whump prompt whump I'm the one who asked For the twins!. **The Primary Reason Tony Stark Would Throw Down With an Anti-Vaxxer in the Street by caraminha Word count: 12,946 (1/1) Summary: Prompt from my Tumblr: Have you heard of tetanus? I’m studying it for school and it’s got lots of angst potential - it causes severe, seizure like muscle spasms. Sorry I took such a long break from tumblr. usually accompanied by a mysterious tickle in their throat and a shiver up the spine. Favorites will be starred and notes will be added occasionally. I've written a bunch of sickfics (most of which involve vomit) on my tumblr, and I thought I'd put them up on here for anyone who's interested. #alternate universe #bts fanfction #bts sickfic #bts emeto #sickfic #tummy ache #j hope fanfic #sick bts #sick tummy #sope fanfiction #sick!yoongi #sick!fic #sick!hoseok #sick!hobi #catboy More you might like. sick!yoongi yoongi sickfic headcanon bts sickfic; Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr Newly-dating yoonmin are out on a date but Yoongi doesn’t. Eyes shut and/or fluttering with each gag? Also, extra- their s/o or friend being there and watching them grow more and more pale/grey/green and not being able to help them? Uhhhhhh…. You don't want to end up even more sick," she said. fics that have an asterisk (*) in front of them are my personal favorites! also, all of the fics listed are completed unless otherwise stated. “Well it has been busy for you this week. oh and when i say sickfic, the ones i prefer are LONG oneshots about like a high fever or horrible flu, the more pain the better (is that a bad thing to say) there is something so tender about a placing a gentle hand on b’s forehead and saying something like “ur burning up”, my personal favorite. Sickfic Prompt vcepsis: A sick character who always gets nightmares when they have fevers. Side Effects May Vary by CivilBores (6565 words) - Post s2, Five thinks he’s still experiencing paradox psychosis. They only become aware that it's a fever when they start. asks how you’re feeling the next morning. A teenager finds his dreams of becoming a basketball star threatened after he free falls into the harrowing world of drug addiction. Discover more posts about caretaking, whump, angst with a happy ending, emotional whump, angst, whump fic, and sickfic. but these laxatives just went right through me and this was the last audio i took in the bathroom before i just couldn't hold it anymore, only. A/N: Okay! New series time! I absolutely ADORE sickfics (which I'm sure you could all tell by now), and I'm always dreaming up new scenarios, but I don't always have the time/energy to write them all out into a big, long fic. oof ouch my bones this hurts I want this I need karlnapity BACK and I need it done WELL karlnapity Karl Jacobs sapnap quackity dsmp. But sometimes, when he’s not slurring about Doraemon trying to have him for dinner, his sleep talking takes a different route. Tags: Another sickfic sorry i like this one more tho i find it adorable kinda aph frace aph england FrUk kind of sick fic sickfic France X England: When the attractive loses his touch for once Keep reading. Life goes on, their relationship strengthens and they begin to discuss plans for their wedding when Sherlock begins to have more issues. 1k words haikyuu sickfic exhaustion fever passing out haikyuu!! sickfic my writing sickfic suna rintarou inarizaki vbc inarizaki haikyuu!! haikyuu miya twins miya atsumu miya osamu kita shinsuke ojiro aran minor others. He did something that makes his hyungs dissapointed with him and didn’t believe that he was not acting or playing about it. Spoopy Klance Fics! A Halloween Story by hollo, Rating: G, Word Count: 5,391, Summary: The wail cut off abruptly. Genres of classic, cult, mainstream, independent and foreign cinemas entailing the disturbing world of sexual crimes; with a look into the lives/minds of the sexual deviant/villain(s) and/or the victim/survivor(s) at hand either coping with or seeking justice/revenge against their assailants. Fics marked with a 懶 have been crossposted onto my ao3 account (Grae_Coltrane). Here’s a Five-centric sickfic list for @nocternaljunipers!. Best of Five-centric fanfiction || Updates in bursts. Natasha currently stood, paused just before entering the room, her nose twitching and red. hello! willow's my name, whump is my game :) I enjoy many varieties of hurt/comfort, but I'm especially a sucker for a sickfic. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. posted on Jan 11th '22 with 1 note • bothersome-edgar liked this. Maybe something with that, with not a lot of hurt/comfort but a lot of descriptions of the. destiel + sickfic! lemonsorbae: "Just one bite, Dean, your mother said it always helps," Castiel holds a spoon to Dean's lips, and he can smell the tomato rice - the familiar scent of it alone offering some comfort; but he's not a kid, he can feed himself, he just doesn't feel like feeding himself, or doing anything, really, other. currently having a genshin fixation. i also write some non ‘illness related’ fics that i might post on here, but this is just generally gonna be a sickfic blog. if you'll just follow me to the suggestion box its just inside here. His Girl (Fluff) Pairing: Fred Weasley. Level 1: the kind of chills that signal something's not right - so low key that they'll likely just bump the heat up a notch, grab an extra layer, or curl around a mug of something warm. Related:​ The Problem With Aiming for 'Perfect' When We Have Limited Mobility. there is vomit and throwing up on people and if you don’t like that you probably shouldn’t read this! tagging it with as many warnings as i can think of so if you’re really offended there’s always tumblr savior. Sonic the Hedgehog: sickfic headcanon. the tagging system doesn't just exist for you to get your post out to as many users as you can. (Or: Me indulging in how much I want to take care of Daryl, comfort him, and protect him. Jeff does silly things sometimes—it wouldn't be totally out of character for him to do something on a whim. Tags: Minor Character Death, Self-Doubt, Death in Childbirth, Description of Death In Childbirth, Bruno is Mirabel’s Dad AU. asexual ace gray ace imagine your otp writing otp prompt imagine your ship writing prompt ship prompt otp ship prompt sex morning wood. You feel a familiar hand rub your back as you attempt to blow your nose. Had to include a bit with Hunk in the beginning, because I love Hunk. You sigh as you press into his warm touch, soaking in both his heat as well as his solid and comforting presence. Sickfic, Caretaking, Bathing/Washing, Comfort Food, Good Uncle Lán Qǐrén, it’s a mild cold, low stakes softness, Domestic Fluff. Upon finding there wasn’t one, he instead turned his attention to his roommate, who was thrashing and struggling in his. So they’re sick and their fever has spiked and in their delirious state they’re like “you know what? fuck sleeping” so they drink coffee/caffeinated tea, take daytime pills at night on purpose. There's so much potential in combining sickfics with wild AUs that don't typically scream sickfic. Timkon sickfic pt 2 (thanks so much to the anon who brought this up! I'm pretty insecure about my writing, and didn't plan to do a second one because I wrote the first on a whim when I was sick, but I just had to write another because i love my boys and I love writing sickfics with fluff at the end. A 10-year-old boy who was bullied for his "Iron Man" costume is now going viral for his superhero strength. I’m gonna stop updating the found fic masterpost. A/N-Since @dulcetscen and some of you liked the Kagami x Sick!Reader story from yesterday, I asked if they wanted to read about all the characters and they were more than happy for that and I hope you all are too. He wasn’t able to fully place the feeling and sighed as he got out of bed for another day of busy schedules. Official Summary: “Wilby says that- that if a stranger ever tries to grab me, I can bite them. Recently, times like this have become the norm—moments of great turmoil followed by days of relaxation and peace. thought this clip of tae pretending to vomit should be shared w our sickfic/emeto army’s out there 濫 41 notes · reblog reblog - 435 notes - 1 year ago. Never miss a post from torturing-characters-101. the only time i should see a post that has nothing to do with the tag i’m browsing is if a porn bot made it, and that’s a separate problem. Sad Jughead Sickfic - Sad Jughead SickficAuthor’s note: FINALLY. Favorite color… blue, purple, or teal. my most off brand is probably wrap me in celadon and gold, just because it’s a stevebucky fic which i don’t usually write! though it is a sickfic with pining, so technically still very on brand for me. Not the flu or any virus had caused this. All he has left now are sharp edges and scars and a desperate, starving ache pulsing in the narrow spaces between his ribs, and fingers tipped with claws still reaching and reaching and taking, and yearning that tightens around his throat like a soft length of rope. Only, Parker is sporting a pretty bad stab wound in the back of an ally. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT KIND OF WRITER YOU ARE YOU CAN BE WRITING: POEMS, FANFICS, IDK NORMAL FICS, NOVELS, SHORT STORIES, IDK ANYTHING!! JUST REBLOG!!!. a character accidentally spilling the last of the water with shaking hands and getting yelled at. Off the top of my head: under pink skies by wnnbh12. But uh, a little PSA for you kinksters out there on tumblr and basically everywhere: Even if somebody runs a kink blog and they post a naughty thing every now and then, it is not their job to get you off. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend. Your sick Viktor fic was great. Now,” Finn half-yelled, throwing a pillow at Kurt. But the average erect penis is just 5. i wanted to bring up the time (in 2011) when he saw a co-trainee getting extremely sick in the middle of the night (the trainee mentioned it was food poisoning and he was throwing up, lightheaded, just incredibly ill), and yoongi told him to wipe his face, clean up, and he would take him to the. oh, and dream keeps insisting on staying close to …. galaxy-rider said: Fluffy Cody 😩😩 Maybe with sickfic stuff? Answer: (Y/n) was laying face down in her bed. Made a Mess: probably a scat fic since it's been awhile. Hi! I'm Kc - she/her - 00's born ** So basically I write things in my free time and hope that people enjoy them. Rape Crisis Scotland:08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to …. Follow me on Wattpad/AO3 @sentpri or add me on discord sentpri#2970, and feel free to message any time!. For information on the verses and story background, check out my Tumblr: @RiverWrites22 Sickfic (34313) Hurt/Comfort (12055) Fluff (11816) Sick Character (5949) Angst (4096) Vomiting. If you wanted to read it it's posted xD I'm cringing awkwardly but I posted my first tumblr sickfic that's really awful that nobody wanted so feel free to go ahead, look up the url "anonarts" then just, yeah, the picture is an odd picture of a boy with cake on his head and a lot of text ^^;. perfect fics by other people… i definitely have MANY to rec but i will do something i’m reading right now and then a couple older favorites!. I wanted to put out a birthday sickfic because it’s my birthday! So here ya go. hope to do it again very soon! enjoy!!!. Torture, murder, close family member's deaths, paper cuts dipped in lemon juice hallucinations were just the tip of the iceberg. This is my first time writing a reaction so I’m sorry if this sucks. ” I hope you like this one as I will also make one’s. I plan to try and fill them all out, myself. She used to think she'd get used to it eventually, living on the coast and all, but she's never gotten her sea legs. preview for my upcoming sickfic. I absolutely need prompts for this and they would be greatly appreciated. sickfic sideblog — puke maker. Stale yellow tinted light glared through the dirty window. Here we go - it‘s my own translation, so sorry for any mistakes! His name is Beck and her‘s is Riley. sickfic-with-kiko answered: Yeah!! I'll link their blogs here!. for lunch I had a chick-fil-a meal with a large dr. All the things my blog is made of can be found here. What I ate the most of though was this. I WILL WRITE: any form of sickfic, emeto included, whump, angst, hurt/comfort, injury, possibly more depending on what you ask. MJ and Ned catch him as the bell rings for the next lesson. See, that's what the app is perfect for. #marisa miller #kc undercover #kc cooper #kc x marisa #karisa More you might. See a recent post on Tumblr from @actress4him about sick fic prompt. She-Ra Headcanons — catradora sickfic where adora has the stomach flu? 1. I've reached a point in life where I want to start to make a little bit of money. I write for these fandoms: Harry Potter, MCU, Percy Jackson, and Yuri on Ice. All the first and secondhand accounts of the survivors of that 21-year regime. I stalked her’s (and others’) blogs for months and months before I got the courage to make an account and message her. broadwayprincess98 liked this. On the other hand, I've never been able to get even close to the amount of followers a lot of other sickfic blogs have. So he struggles to play the part of Captain America while dealing with asthma and the heart complications and the 343 other things he had. “Sorry-” Lance blurts, bounces back up a second later “-bad timing. matchablossom-sickfic liked this fantasticcolorcloudflap liked this learningshelfcontrol reblogged this from wtf-is-reality. My name is Minerva (Not like McGonagall) I am 25 years old. 9 times out of 10, Minho babbles absolute nonsense in his sleep. // part of the Izumonth collab. Ab6ix, Ateez, BTS, Day6, Enhypen, Got7, Kingdom, Lucy, Nu'Est, Omega X, Stray Kids, TXT, and Xdinary. Jim’s a bartender trying to clean up his act and save money for the academy, but his new job is boring and he keeps himself occupied by trying to figure out his customers. Unless someone is actively asking for DM sexy times, try and have some fucking decency and don’t go all up in their messages going …. You weren't sure if Will quite understood that you were dating someone else, he certainly made no acknowledgment of it if he did. Or maybe they end with you rolling your eyes or letting out a heavy sigh. I feel like I’m never going to get better, I’ve. Originally posted by billiebeanhoward. I can't help but think that sickness was a risk Sonic had to be wary of pre-movie. Vocal affection shit: -murmuring reassurances (It’s gonna be okay, you’re alright, you’re safe) -soft singing to help them sleep. As Long As You're Here (I Will Live Like This) // fluff, oneshot, vigilante!Izuku x reader // Your boyfriend comes to your house one day bleeding profusely. Bon Voyage? A/N: Amazing collab with the beautifully talented @snifflyhobi ︎ so lucky to work with someone so amazing. See more posts like this on Tumblr. As the girl suffers the consequences of her heroics, Ningguang aims to find out more about her—and her strange, funeral consultant friend. I like emeto and stuff so like mind ur business if this isnt for u☆I like all sickfic so this is snz friendly too☆My name is also Loki☆he/they/fae pronouns☆18☆Commissions are open dm for more info. There's also reddit and twitter and tumblr in general, to make posts and ask for help in finding specific fic. Gambit is the only x-men who is a player and has probably dated over like 100 women. 14 Memes That Will Make You LOL If Your Body Is Just a Mess. Anonymous asked: helloo !! i love ur works so much and i hope ure having a good day !! im just hopping in really quickly to ask if you know/recommend any other blogs that post haikyuu sickfics. Inspired by Wiktionary’s word of the day (May 7th). I'm new at this, so I'm sticking to what I know best for now. I read a cute sickfic that had a lot of adorable family bonding between Dipper and Stan. Welcome to Darling’s Sickfic and Whump blog! This is an 18+ Space Please and Thanks!There is going to be be lots feels and suffering of my fave characters! Topics include, but are not limited to emeto, nausea, illness, crying, embarrassment, humiliation, tummy aches, food intolerance, and …. I am willing to write for pretty much any group, but the groups I am most familiar with are. Sickfic (95 sickfic stories) I wish I could take your pain away. Sickfic, whump, humor, fluff: Co-written with xxx-cat-xxx! Death by Waffles: When Tony decides to adopt a cat for Morgan, Peter is almost more excited about it than the six-year-old. Other characters noticing stomach noises and having various reactions including but not limited to: worry/concern, teasing, asking if they're hungry/sick/too full/whatever the situation calls for. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sarah-hadeschild about sickfic. Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. I based Connor’s feelings towards Hank off of Hank’s feelings towards Connor in the game, so if it comes off as a bit harsh or hateful I’m sorry. TW: Emeto, description of blood. " SO MUCH DISAPPOINTMENT when there's no elevated body temperature just "oh, spring fever!" "oh, cabin fever!" NO I WANT A STORY OF ACTUAL FEVER. also a big fan of stuffing with. Here are some methods to condition yourself into behaviors that will help you gain weight. After writing a Sick Fic with Jenna being sick, I got a prompt on AO3 to do it for Peter and here we go. i write sickfic (and not much else). namgi: carsickness = puking / food poisoning = puking. Browse this comprehensive list of five-letter words to find your best possible play! Or use our Wordle solver or Unscramble word solver. Basically, to use these prompts, you replace character A and B (One or two have C and D as well) with the names of the characters you want to … DA: 40 PA: 68 MOZ Rank: 11. It wasn't hard to tell that she was sick. #zoya nazyalensky #nikolai lantsov #shadow and bone netflix #artists on tumblr #fanart #shadow and bone #grishaverse #zoyalai #zoya x nikolai #grishaverse big bang #grishaverse mini bang. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. #sickfic prompts on Tumblr Feb 18, 2017 · Percy sneezed and was sniffling nonstop until he got ahold of the tissues and blew his nose again. Remus, Janus, Patton, Logan, and Virgil supporting. I’m so grateful for you amazing amazing amazing. Steve can tell from the minute Bucky walks through the door that something is wrong. Oh no my friends have given me AA sickfic brainrot. this list was last updated on 3/12/22. if i ever get around to finally reposting my old fics, i'll make an ao3 for those and all my other non sickfics for y'all (if you're interested). just for fun the other day i drew him with a little bit of scruff. There was a dichotomy, it seemed, between the part of him that wanted to savor and the part that wanted to devour. Remember: the problem cannot be solved by technocratic solutions (i. The land is ravaged as a result of the bombings and the survivors avoid rebuilding major cities, for fear of prompting further attacks on humanity. She Likes Colds You can call me Jay! She/her. requests are open! check my what i'll write page for more details. Sneeze definition is - to make a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth especially as a reflex act. I feel like I'm never going to get better, I've. Bart grinned wide, propping himself up on Tim’s chest so he could look him in the eyes. Hello and welcome to my secret sickfic blog! My name is Káno, she/her pronouns. Sickfic Tumblr if you like my writing, feel free to make requests on my tumblr accounts! my fanfiction sickfic tumblr account @casper-and-their-sick-fanfiction i also have an oc sickfic tumblr account @casper-and-their-sick-ocs my main is @smolsickficwriter and i have a collab hq!! sickfic account @vollyball-illnesses. •tw vomit •tw fainting •sick sangyeop •Choi Sangyeop •cho wonsang •jo wonsang •shin yechan •shin gwangil •sickfic •kpop sickfic •lucy •lucy sickfic •this was supposed to be a short little fic hmmmm •ignore the abrupt ending i just. Sickfic and H/C Writers' Workshop The Handy Little Handbook of Character Torture. Prompt: Did you say you were taking Connor prompts?What if Connor’s thirium 310 got badly tainted before his systems pick up on it and he ends up weirdly nauseated and throwing up like a human bug and Hank has to keep making sure Connor keeps replenishing his thirium even though Connor can’t keep itdown until his systems are nearly …. Being bored is never a problem when you stick five teen boys in a house free of authority for a weekend. I have unfollowed the people responsible for the post, but truly hope that whatever they are dealing with mentally, emotionally, or physically gets better. 1980s Cold War Historically/Period Accurate WWII Period-Typical Homophobia Regency Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Victorian. Prices: $3 (ko-fi tip amount) = 300-500 word drabble. Mainly emeto, but also angst and other illness. Zixuan would like to be closer with his half-brother. new rule: it's illegal to put the word "sick" in the title or summary of your fic if it's not a sickfic. tommy's sick (like, literally just a cough) but dream starts freaking tf out and assumes tommy's dying bc he doesnt understand mortals and stuff. Achievement Hunter fics, because I have a thing for tummies. I really enjoy induced vomiting because it’s even more on their terms and that’s where my kink ended up being. url is a lie, Todoroki's gay af See more posts like this on Tumblr. With everything King knows Saitama to be capable of; impermeable to and unyielding in the face of, stomach flu was not his highest rated threat, but apparently it’s quite the foe for even the one-punch man. Constant Dreamer and Astral Traveler; Dark, Cynical Loner living in cold realms of Latvia since 1987. Sickfic is a popular fan fiction category which also sometime serves as a trope. Sickfic, discussion of painful pasts, anxiety, panic attacks… Patrick-Centric Patrick’s past, Rachel, hiking, generally figuring things out… Post-Canon Anniversaries, homes, honeymoons, anything after the finale… Proposals and Weddings Everything from talking about marriage to the wedding day… Pure Fluff. Can you write a sickfic for ryota mitarai? (Only if ur comfy with it :) ) I am more that okay with this request! I hope you enjoy it Anon! And …. Diego takes a long sip from the root beer, trying to refocus his attention on the movie. Caerwyn moans, his otherwise pale green face blushing a bright pink. taking seventeen sickfic and hurt/comfort requests here on ao3 feel free to send them here as well! seventeen fanfiction fanfic ao3 archive of our own s. “I’m staying to finish the case,” he said, knowing she was thinking the same thing as Morgan. kc undercover kc cooper marisa miller kc x marisa karisa. osomatsu san osomatsu san angst ichimatsu sickfic sick character mononucleosis. "Ahhh! No way!" Stef and Lena heard their daughter exclaim from upstairs; her frantic footsteps brought her down to the kitchen in record time. and one night after a long day's work. Also don't hesitate to tell me what you think of it and ask for other ones if you like it 🌸. And on a bad day, it's terribly, unfairly, awfully tragic. Also what appears to be a lone female whumper. Merry Christmas, Tumblr people :) Sam focuses all of his concentration on the textbook laid out on the dining room table, refusing to look up when he hears the key turning in the lock. 18 year old fanfiction author who likes cats and hot drinks. Generatorland is completely free and supported only through the advertising you see sprinkled throughout the site. Riley thought about what she had learned about her mother’ migraines, and fetched the largest bowl from the kitchen cabinet in case Beck’s stomach. selflessness so intense it becomes self-destruction. Also don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of it …. That was the time limit given to Nekoma-gumi in the form of a simple text. This is a sickfic community for BTS fans and our posts should reflect that. -cute, confusing conversations with delirious sickies. A knight commander retuning from a sodden and miserable patrol where half his men have been overcome by a nasty cold, reports to his Queen or King. They return the favor when he gets sick. Summary: Wei Wuxian sits down next to Lan Wangji, sliding until their thighs touch. I made an emeto sickfic generator! It’s a bit wonky and a lot of the combos might not make sense, but hey I hope it’s at least fun or at least kinda inspires you. Unless someone is actively asking for DM sexy times, try and have some fucking decency and don't go all up in their messages going "omg I. that oneshot related to the show with the dice sickfic j/amie w/renly my writing oc snz snzfic ficlet small fandom lol that one show with the dice. chickwiththepurpleguitar said: Hi :D WFW (90s or fixed 2020), juke, cough and cuddles, pleeeeease ;) thank friend Answer: I shouldn’t have called these drabbles. “We need to get you into a different shirt. I have to admit my RPFs start to go into deeper water with implying. hetalia sickfic usuk norice dennor aph fanfiction. I prefer emeto where it's the person's decision to give in and vomit, because that's not something I can do. I hope you love your gift! Words: 1324, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English. — preview for my upcoming sickfic. and your reasoning, that he still has another extra child left, doesn’t cut it anymore. It's freezing, technically below freezing, but Matt's determined to finish putting in Ms. Altered level of/loss of consciousness. Hi! Tempestarashi here, TA for short if you like. Anonymous asked: Hey, I loved your Miraculous Ladybug sickfic and I was wondering if you were going to write more. Sickfic Community Hello, I’m relatively new to tumblr and this community, so if you are a sickfic author for OC’s or any fandom then reblog this and I’ll follow. This is an addition to the series I currently have, because basically, I just wanted to try writing a piece before the trio got comfortable as a pairing and its all still new and stuff. This Tumblr is specifically for reblogging, and writing Haikyuu sickfics, and perhaps a bit of mha sickfics too. conclusion: if you’re a rick, you did nothing wrong ever and. On one hand, I’ve been in tumblr’s sickfic community for years, and I’ve had people tell me my blog inspired them to start their own sickfic blog. They sat with their legs over the edge- rooted to the floor for a moment, slamming the alarm until the incessant beeping ceased. Fever Dreams by Sashocirrione is a Death Note Light x L / L x Light fanfic where Light and L fall in love at the end of the Yotsuba arc and Light realizes that the Kira-plan isn't working-which leads to some. Months pass and his dreams are quiet, calm. #genshin impact #emetophilia #emeto fic #genshin gorou #kazuha kaedehara #kazuha x gorou #sickfic #Mentioned Baal #whump #hurt/comfort #Kazuha needs a hug #slight inazuma spoilers #genshin sickfic More you might like. The post Sorry My Fanfic Update Is Late Someone Broke. Okay so-! I’m currently working on creating a masterlist (including character descriptions, picrews maybe, and an overview/other details) for my whumpy writing. The Handy Little Handbook of Character Torture. "I'm staying to finish the case," he said, knowing she was thinking the same thing as Morgan. He was enjoying his time in the compound, especially the time he got to spend in the lab with Tony. 5/5 paperback, 387 pages I’ve been debating so hard on rating this book because I am really not into chick-lit novels (like, almost at all). IF IT’S ME YOU NEED TO TURN TO, WE’LL GET BY. This was a private ask heh but I hope you all like! ———————— Jesse knew to not overdo it on the battlefield, on Kamino they drilled it in them that if you overdo it on the field, it's a sure way to get yourself killed. "I was about eight when my brother started coming into my room," James says. Prompt: I would like to receive something soft and sweet with caretaking - very much happy ending stuff, and elements of hurt-comfort in the middle are good too. The bathroom floor is way too cold to sleep on. mod rus lu fic finder linked universe lu fanfiction fic search. yet another whump/sickfic blog woohoo y'all can call me Ricochet ~she/they~ ~21~ I've been a fan of this kinda stuff since i was a kid so here we are 👉😎👉. I’m never going on another roller coaster. He has a stomachache (Harry) You were sitting at home waiting for Harry to get home from the studio. anotherwellkeptsecret: It's mostly the other way around! I know plenty where Sherlock gets sick and John takes care of him, but I'm drawing a blank right now. duty overwhelming any moral compass until order becomes more important than justice. Tags: Another sickfic sorry i like this one more tho i find it adorable kinda aph frace aph england FrUk kind of sick fic sickfic France X England: When …. Just a bunch of spirk fics that I found that I think people should read :) feel free to send an ask/submit with more! This mainly features fics that are AOS (since I haven't gotten around to watching TOS yet) but there will be a few that are TOS, so feel free to recommend those too!. Namjoon: takes into consideration the weight limit for bag, lays all his clothing out on his bed as he packs, brings multiple options of varying colors. Through sickness and health by Eversincefiveboys (3k) Sick Kitten by ToriLevineStylinson (1k) Stay with Me by mirilik (3k) Posted on Friday, March 25th ( 5 years ago ) Indexed: #sickfics #larry fic rec #larry stylinson fanfiction #larry stylinson. alternate universe - modern setting, alternate universe - soulmates, not the traditional kind of soulmates exactly, you’ll see - freeform, hospitals, fluff, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts, tooth-rotting fluff, non-sexual intimacy, touch-starved, lwj and wwx are the softest husbands and they aren’t even together yet, getting. Top 5 apps: Google, DabbleWriter, YouTube, DC Infinite, Tumblr. NOTE: these fic recs contain the ship childe/zhongli. Poison Apple: A field trip gone wrong leaves Peter and Ned wandering through a seemingly endless corn maze. It's a "Villain Take Care of Hero" Sickfic. See a recent post on Tumblr from @whumpster-dumpster about VOMITING. I may end up posting only Sickfic stuff. Meredith shoved the thermometer in her pocket, hiding it away. At the moment i'm contemplating a post-nuclear-apocalypse scenario. I had to put some under the read. But it was interface or fail the mission, and Richard never failed the mission. I'm sick and tired of going on x reader tags and seeing mass amounts of non con and stepcest/incest fics. Hope I did the prompt justice for you! One Pukey, stubborn little cat coming right up. Character A loses a bet and has to wear a different ugly Christmas sweater every day till Christmas. Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic, Sick Crowley (Good Omens), Hurt Crowley (Good Omens), Nanny Ashtoreth (mentioned), Post-Apocalypse, Post-Canon, Footnotes, demonic curses, light angst, angst with a happy ending Summary: Crowley goes to check on Warlock after the apocalypse, but a trap has been set, leaving Crowley hurt and on death’s door. a short fluffy sickfic for sweet Molls because she most definitely didn’t request it @lanawinters-ily. Hiyori and Yukine’s eyes fixated on Yato expectantly. Shortish J/amie W/renly sickfic drabble. For searches with more than 500 results, only the top 500 results are displayed. (So, like Rachel, women in their late 20s or older. Gentle and reassuring tummy rubs. 25 year old Horror writer with a penchant for Characters in pain👁w👁🔪, find me on Ao3 under Butterballporknun where I post sickfics and take requests: Hello! I was scrolling through Tumblr when I found your blog and i love your fics so much. Filed under: harry potter headcanons harry james potter next gen james sirius potter albus severus potter lily luna potter tw flu sickfic February 27, 2018 Remus tries his best not to feel scolded by Molly Weasley, sitting perched next to her as she cooks dinner for somewhere between twelve and twenty as she does most nights at Grimmauld Place. But here they both were, Kokichi bent over on his bed and coughing away like there was something inside him that would kill him if he didn't get it out, and Kaito running around frantically, rifling through the medicine cabinet for some kind of cough drop, then. torturing-characters-101, a blog on Tumblr. About Bts Tumblr Yandere "So Bianca and I walk up the stairs and you guys and our friends, her family and my family. It’s at least three times the size of all of the ones he has, and he’s quite honestly amazed. Sickfic is not only welcome but also my forte, hehe. Feel free to join here Join the Sickfic Madness Discord Server!. You found hidden crumpled tissues beside you. My job had a potluck situation yesterday and I ate a LOT, and the food was. She heard you scream for your help, and she sent Angie in to see if you were hurt.