vw gearbox oil capacity. Would anybody know the approx gearbox oil capacity ? I do know VW state 75W-80 Fully Synthetic but i cant find a capacity ? Cheers Craig. Plus, you could save between 30% to 50% versus the. Register Today! How many quarts of gear oil does a 74 915 trans hold. mitsubishi l200 automatic gearbox oil capacity. 5 kg (front-wheel drive) 68 kg with angle drive (four-wheel drive) manual gearbox 02 M, VW uses two output shafts - on which. Non-standard transmissions for TDI vans or those doing a lot of hard work have been recommended to use 75/140W GL4. Engine choices were the standard 2. to analyse the number of website visitors that view a. The ability to control operating temperatures is significant with increased boost pressure, which, in addition to increasing power output, also generates more heat. Overview of oil for VW car gearboxes. Oil Drain Plug (26mm) T4 2400cc, 2500cc Petrol & Diesel 1990–2003 Gearbox Sump Plug VW Beetle 1950–1998 JK No. Euro 6 is 70 litres unless you spec the 80 litre tank. Steve Schock, ([email protected] These oils are suitable for diesel engines with extended service intervals of up to 50,000 km / 2 years. Dual Clutch Transmission & Direct Shift Gearbox Oils. It is an advancement of the previous engine oils, namely, VW 501 01 and VW 500 00. 4 TSI (110 kW) EcoFuel: Transaxle, manual: 2,3 L:. 0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. OIL: Six quarts will be required. CASTROL SYNTRANS, V FE 15532A Manual Transmission Oil75W-80, Capacity: 1l Article number: 15532A Use number: 0501CA5005C7467307. - Gear oil: DEA DES-5080 - Weight: 48. Increase oil supply and prevent oil starvation for your VW by adding 1 1/2 quarts of oil capacity with this EMPI high capacity oil sump. The gearbox oil has never been changed as far as I know. From 1973 onwards, VW left the drain plug out to make sure that the sump plate and screen were removed for cleaning with each oil change. Once I drive off it will come on less than a 1/4 mile from my house. 108 mm 3) iOverall ratio in top gear. Be sure to put the oil additive in with the first bottle of oil. Our ACDelco GM Original Equipment and ACDelco Gold (Professional) oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters are manufactured from quality materials to deliver durability and excellent performance. All this backed by our exclusive Five (5) Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty, and world famous customer service when used for normal stock applications. My driveway is on a slope so it's very tricky to get the car level in both directions in order to use the filler plug level. Codes that start with a number are Volkswagen specific codes. However, it has a few inherent weak points. The towing capacity of Volkswagen Routan varies from 2,000 To 3,600 lbs. Find specifications for every 2008 Volkswagen Jetta: gas mileage, engine, performance, warranty, equipment and more. 8T S 4MotionDescription: Used 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen 1. AMSOIL synthetic oil delivers wear protection, engine cleanliness, and fuel efficiency conventional oils simply can't match. (VW recommend you avoid putting the older G12 plus in. 5 qts, run for a minute or two, let sit for 5 minutes, then check and top off if needed. With more than 100 years of experience, we know how to help filter out harmful particulates. 75 litres per refill of about right. The 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan comes equipped with the standard front-wheel-drive, but it can be upgraded to the 4MOTION® which can give you more stability on uneven roads. I have to loosen the filter and the screw it back to stop the leak. - Buy a simple gear oil pump - this is the only reasonable way to get the oil up into the fill hole. 01, VW 502, VW 503, VW 504 API/ACEA: Engine oil capacity (with filter): 4. 0 TSI GTI has a turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code EA888. vw manual transmission fluid change. Differential / Gear Oil - Rear Replacement. The latest rendition of the eco-friendly BlueMotion also upped the game with an astonishing 74. Volkswagen calls for changing the oil and filter on the DSG transmission every 40,000 miles. Nulon 75W-90 Gearbox and Transaxle Oil Smooth Shift 20L. 2015-2020 Ford F-150 & EcoBoost Raptor Transmission Oil Cooler Upgrade. I think my oil capacity is almost four quarts now--about a quart in the Fram filter, 2 1/2 in the sump and around 1/4 or so in the lines and passages. Valvoline Product Information Portal. The transmission should take between 2. Write me if this does not make sense. New Volkswagen vehicle oil change intervals are usually closer to the 10,000 mile mark. This sump increases capacity by 3. 2 qt) VW 502 00** Use synthetic oil SAE. ) Refrigerant Oil Use a PAG oil with R134a Oil PN & Capacity Sanden Cmpr:(A327S6) G 052 200Oil PN A2* 110 cc ± 10 cc (3. If you cannot get it there, you can . Auto trans fluid is about 20 wt; like motor oil, and is good for hydraulic fluid duty and low shear gear trains. Capacities, Hydraulic oil part with mechatronic unit for dual clutch gearbox -J743-. Although 5W40 oil is most popular in this category, many owners in cold climates like using 0W30 or 0W40 in winter. If you want to go the whole hog and replace all the fluid, drain the gearbox in the same way as you would the engine and refill with 2. Number of cylinders: 4 Engine capacity: 2. Includes all necessary hardware and 3 sizes of pick-up tubes for all 1200-1600cc engine types. When I start car in the mornings or anytime it has sat for an extended amount of time the warning light will come on. Vw Manual Transmission Oil Capacity Author: cms. 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen 1. ' Special tools and workshop equipment required. com-2022-03-29T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Vw Manual Transmission Oil Capacity Keywords: vw, manual, transmission, oil, capacity Created Date: 3/29/2022 7:53:24 PM. Tools you will need (see pic 1). Also this is synthetic fluid and as long as the tranny is not abused there is no reason for this fluid to last well into 100k+ miles. Besides Volkswagen branded cars it also produces. 5 litres/100km - 43 mpg UK - 36 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 6. It is a twin-shaft gearbox with an additional axle for reverse gear. VW has a specific blend of gear oil for that gearbox that you need to buy from VW dealer Parts department. The best suited oil for this vehicle is the standard API SM certified 5W-2- or 5W-30 motor oil. O2J Gearbox Oil Capacity? Jump to Latest Follow. Help keep your gears shifting smoothly - with transmission fluid replacement services from Valvoline Instant Oil Change SM. Cars have a gearbox connecting the two axles. it was as viscous as ribena cordial stuff. Sometimes I have to do this 2-3 times before the leak stops. 5 L: Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive: Fuel Tank Capacity : 16. 50 per Litre (Super expensive) I checked with the VW parts man multiple times to verify this is the specific oil for. Its a low SAP oil to help reduce potential blockage of the Diesel Particulate Filter. im currently doing a gearbox oil change and have checked posts an images about the fill hole and the drain hole. Get the most useful specifications data and other technical specs for the 2018 Volkswagen Passat 2. Select* 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010. Regardless of what your manual transmission uses, the fluid or oil's primary function is lubrication—preventing metal-to-metal contact between the meshing gears. On some vehicles, the transmission undertray will need to be removed or cut to install the high-capacity pan. Specialists in advanced lubricants, oils and fuel treatments. Put the car on a level surface, even better put it on a raised level surface as you will be crawling under the car a lot. By tanuki race pathfinder avalanche fuji testnet. Over-built for its time, the VW Type 2 can be modified to handle significantly more power than was found in the original production vehicle. Automobile Volkswagen 2013 Jetta Brochure & Specs. Which motor oil to use in your classic Volkswagen. Tags box capacity gear oil (i. Volkswagen therefore recommends that you have the engine oil changed by an authorized Volkswagen dealer or an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility. 1 quarts of 5W-20 or SAE 5W-20 oil. All 3 variations of oil screens fit this sump. Popular in Toyota/Lexus LF 75W, BMW X-Drive and other transfer cases transfer cases calling for Shell TF0870. It reduces the load on the crankshaft bearings and the noise from vibrations. The transmission Oil Dipstick 9336 has indicator marks every 10 mm. The automatic refrigerant refill feature maintains a user-selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel and signals when it's time to change supply tank, no monitoring required. Volkswagen Noah White was equipped with a line of engines: gasoline engines had a capacity of 75 to 170 horsepower, and turbodiesels developed 90 and All of them are equipped with a five-speed gearbox. You will need: - Jack and Axle stands or tire ramps to get your car off the ground - Set of wrenches and ratchet set (depending on your vehicle. Find the engine specs, MPG, transmission, wheels, weight, performance and more for the 2004 Volkswagen Passat Sedan 4D GLX. The Volkswagen 01M transmission is an electronic/ hydraulic four-speed automatic transmission deployed in Cabrio, Jetta, Golf, GTI, New Beetle manufactured between 1995 through 2005, and transverse engine Passats manufactured between 1995 through 1997. jettawreck said: It does/can matter. 5 TDI Euro 4 (100 kW) DPF (2006-2013)? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. automatic transmission fluid type: vw atf ( 01p transmission) dexron atf ( 098 transmission) 75w/ 90 vw synthetic gear oil ( final drive) manual transmission fluid capacity: 2. 2009 - Screw in new oil filter -arrow- by hand. New API License is SP/ILSAC GF-6 WHAT ARE GF-6 MOTOR OILS? increase in valve train. - The gear oil pump of course did not fit into the Mobil 1 bottle. SAE 5W-30 and Engine oil with API Certification Mark. Full Synthetic FFL-2 DSG Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid Kit by Pentosin®. B5 A4 quattro gear box oil capacity MT. Manual transmission gear oil change Jetta. Oil contamination of the wiring loom is a common problem with the DSG gearbox, one that VW is well aware of, but I'm guessing that the dealer has guessed at the cause of the problem and arrived at the wrong conclusion. Synthetic gear oil, viscosity SAE 75W/80, VW G052 512 A2/A6 (5-speed transmissions) DSG Semi-automatic Transmission Fluid Type: ATF (VW G052 182 A2/A6) Manual Transmission Fluid Capacity: 1. This comprehensive automatic transmission kit includes everything to service your 09G 6-speed automatic transmission. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is chemically engineered to form pure lubricants. 5L into a separate container then slowly poured the rest into the funnel. 2 qt) VW 502 00** Use synthetic oil SAE 5W-40, SAE 5W-30 or SAE 0W-40 A6 3. The Amsoil MTG 75w-90 (Manual Transmission/Transaxle Gear oil) says GLS-4 on the label, the 80w-90 Gearbox Oil is a GL-5 and not recommended. Hi, can anyone tell me how i change the oil for my gearbox, really looking to find out where the fill and drain points are, car in question is a vw golf mk4 v6 4motion, engine code AUE if this helps, looking to see if there are any pics available to make this easier. The Volkswagen Crafter is the biggest model for sale in the VW van range. FLUID CAPACITY CHARTE2001 Volkswagen of America, rights reserved. Transmission oil: ZF or Liqui. Always fill a new converter with fluid. Max-Gear is recommended for use in front or rear open differentials, manual transmissions, and lower gear units of marine engines that specify use of an API GL-5 or GL-4 fluid. Don't panic if your Volkswagen transmission is no longer shifting, shifts hard, or is stuck in gear. Check if this fits your 2006 Volkswagen Passat. The ATF in picture 2 is only available at the VW Dealerships. Oils Suitable For Isuzu truck: Engine Oil 15w/40, 10w/40 - Transmission 75w/90 - Differential 85w/140 Midlands Lubricants Ltd, premium quality supplier distributor of own brand Oils, Lubricants and Grease have a fantastic product range suitable for the Isuzu Trucks range, at an affordable price. Because of the dirt they can sometimes be a bit hard to find. I took the car to a VW dealership who quoted me R 6000. 0 liter Powerstroke Diesel Oil Filters-F150 Ford F150 3. Best Motor Oil For VW (Volkswagen Golf, Polo). To prevent overfilling, add approx. 0 liter Powerstroke Diesel Fuel Filters. In general, mineral gear oil needs to be changed more often, while synthetic oil lasts longer. The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta: What is the oil type and capacity? This vehicle takes full synthetic oil. Assuming the puddle is big enough for you to notice, let's say a puddle about the size of a dollar bill overnight, your transmission would lose about a quart of fluid every 10 days. You want the level at the bottom of the opening Keep the Shiny Side UP!. 00 approved oil also protects your VW warranty. Which oil is best for your Volkswagen (VW) (EU) Crafter 2E/2F Crafter 2. Transmission Flushes & Fluid Replacements. Check Dipstick Oil Level: Replace Dipstick: Oil Change Complete. Check your manual, but as I recall your oil capacity should be 2. For your specific vehicle you will want to refer to your owner's manual for the exact oil change schedule, however many new vehicles only require an oil change every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Depending on your vehicle, the filter may need to be changed as well. For starters, gear oil can come in much higher viscosity ratings. 059103193 26mm engine oil drain plug. 7 Best Differential Fluids in 2022. Tube going around the gear selector. 5 liters of Hypoid 90 (or Hypoid 80w90 is good for colder climates). , Year of construction 2021, Classification code A1, Type of engine Diesel Common Rail (Turbo) Diesel Common Rail Diesel, Engine capacity 2,000 cc, Gearbox DSG, Odometer reading 68 km Offered by AUTOMATERIALEN RONALD MORIEN BV. Oil pressure warning light comes on during cold starts. Are they just trying to make twice as much money off my oil changes, or is there a legitimate reason to change the oil twice as often as VW originally printed in the book?. I had a moment of nostalgia when I took my big filter wrench out of retirement--I haven't used it since I sold off my Ford Galaxy 7 years ago. Increase oil supply and prevent oil starvation by adding 1-1/2 quarts of oil capacity with EMPI's high capacity oil sump. Push In Oil Dipstick: The owner's manual states that the 2. Specifications Material: Plastic and metal Capacity: 7,5 L Hose length: 150 cm Hose diameter: 1/2" Flow rate: 80 cc/cycle Suitable. Volkswagen Passat Low Oil Pressure. Nearly 200,000 parts, all at up to 70% off, everyday on every part! We sell quality parts cheap, not. Up! > Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Power transmission > 5-speed manual gearbox 0CF > Gearbox mechanics,operation, construction,diff. Note: This is a detailed explanation and comparison of VW engine oil specifications. Can't be that expensive to do though, not as involved as the DSG service. They may also be used as compressor fluids or as power steering fluids where ATFs are specified. Transmission Type: 6-Speed Manual, 5-Speed Tiptronic S: Front Differential Fluid Capacity: 1. The fill hole is the full mark. What gearbox oil should you use? ; All Syncro 5 gear, 094, 4. Have you lost your Volkswagen key and need a new one fast? Learn more about how to replace a VW vehicle key and get back on the road as soon as possible. The Volkswagen Group is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Example: RPM in 3rd gear figured with 25" tall tire and 1. 0TDI 4motion 140 hp easily at AUTODOC Fast delivery and low prices Discover now for yourself. Oil Specification Recommended engine oil for Volkswagen 1. DQ200 — a transversely located 7-stages transmission was launched in 2008. COMPARE AND SEE WHY RANCHO IS #1 Rancho remanufactured Volkswagen transaxles feature more new and superior quality components than the competition ensuring longer life, trouble free operation, performance and reliability. 0tdi 140 takes 7 litres of oil on a oil and filter change. For this vehicle, 75w90 synthetic gear oil is recommended. I'm not having any problems, I was just wondering as other engine fluids have a set renewal interval. Genuine VW DSG Gearbox Oil And Filter Kit. Designed under the leadership of Alec Issigonis, more than 1. ZF recommends a transmission oil change every eight years or 50,000 miles, and that's a job you can tackle at home. I'm changing my gearbox oil and can't decide how much to put in there. The Aisin TR60SN (?) transmission has only a screen. Model specifications provided may vary based on selected trim, options, and installed accessories. Only reason for the 3L is because if . 1 litres (0AH 5-speed transmission) 2. This requires a slightly lower oil level compared to the original oil pan capacity. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below. Volkswagen Polo Review 2022. Note: The terms 002 and 091 gearboxes comes from the first 3 digits on the code found on the underside of the gearbox. Oil that complies with VW 507 00. Fill the transmission using SAE 80W90W hypoid gear oil. When the oil is level with fill hole it is full. RAVENOL Transmission Oil TGO SAE 75W-90 API GL 5 is a semi-synthetic transmission oil specifically for maximum duty hypoid geared transmissions. Our professionals carefully selected and tested every component of this kit to. The first time was at 50,000 miles in 2005 due to the oil sludge issue. Dirty oil can overheat the gearbox or cause the gearbox to burn out. Oil takes a lot of abuse in an air cooled engine. I changed my gearbox oil recently, 1. 5L 5 cylinder rear-engine economy car which was designed as a five-passenger vehicle by the German automaker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 to 2003. com), at Europarts sells all the parts shown in pictures 1 through 7. Update 1/27/10 Oil and Grinding Gears. Exactly and the oil that VW uses is not cheap, if you had to pay for even 10 litres of oil between. VW specifies the use of 75W90 G 005 000 05 synthetic oil in the transmission. Type Gear oil SAE 75W-90 (synthetic oil) Container 0. 1• Is it possible that the gearbox has previously been over filled? 2• The oil capacity stated in the manual (Brooklands Books VW T4 workshop manual) is incorrect!. 2008 Volkswagen Passat CC engine oil capacity. The manual calls for a transmission fluid change at 50K miles. Home ›; New Cars ›; Volkswagen Cars ›; Polo 2015-2019 ›; Volkswagen Polo 2015-2019 QnA ›; What is the gearbox oil capacity of Volkswagen Polo?. On surfaces that have high pressure where metal to metal contact will happen, the GL-5 is way better at protecting. An ATF level check when transmission oil temperature is too low results in overfilling, when too high results in underfilling. *Based on fuel savings information found at fueleconomy. Thanks to the new platform-sharing, the car has. VW officially recommends a multi-viscosity oil of 5W-40 or 5W-30 but unless you are in a severe cold area, 10W-40 or even 10W-30 will work just fine. The hot weather viscosity of this oil is 30, and will work well at up to 30°C. Specialist gearbox oils and specific gearbox tools available for the Volkswagen T2 Bay Window at Just Kampers. 0I 4-cylinder engines use SAE 5w-30 or 5w-40, and they all hold 5 quarts of oil. High quality oil drain pans can comfortably hold 16 litres while allowing a stable secure grip due to it's cut out handles. VW's standard manual gearbox oil is 75/90W GL4 so as such the current thinking is to use 75/90W GL4 for the standard syncro gearbox. What oil do you recommend (especially if you have first hand experience)?: - ZF Lifeguard 6 Automatic Transmission Fluid (ZF 83220142516) or - Liqui-Moly Top Tec ATF 1800 I was thinking to use Liqui-Moly but maybe ZF is better for other reasons?. The engine in your 2009 Volkswagen Routan should be running when you perform a transmission fluid level check, otherwise it will be inaccurate. ) Every time I change my oil the seal on oil filter leaks. You will learn about transmission problems such as faulty transmission range sensor, reset Volkswagen transmission adaptive settings, check transmission fluid level, and retrieve transmission diagnostic trouble codes from the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Single-grade engine oils, such as SAE 30 for temperatures above freezing, and SAE 20 for temperatures slighly lower than freezing were the recommended oils for. The best part is, our Volkswagen Beetle Automatic Transmission Fluid products start from as little as $8. HI everyone, I am a little bit confused regarding finding right gearbox oil! HI everyone, I am a little bit confused regarding finding right gearbox oil! Passat varriant 2. We can understand why, because choosing the right car engine oil can be confusing. Various modifications of the car. For the orderly storage of special tools (except measuring instruments) used for the transmission and rear axle. Golf Mk4 > Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Power transmission > 5-speed manual gearbox 02J > Technical data > Gearbox identification > Code letters, gearbox allocation, ratios, capacities. 0L TSI Turbo I4 engine's total oil capacity specification for an oil change with a filter replacement is 4. Please refer to user manual of vw polo. High Capacity Oil Sump VW Beetle 1961 on VW T2 Split 1961-1967 VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1967-1979 Unopened but cardboard packaging a tiny bit damp from sitting in the garage. Change gear oil: dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) 0GC. I don't know anywhere that still sells monograde oil. Oil Drain Plug (26mm) T4 2400cc, 2500cc Petrol & Diesel 1990-2003 Gearbox Sump Plug VW Beetle 1950-1998 JK No. Delivery includes 1 gear oil filing system, 1 fluid hose, and 13 adapters and 1 carrying case. The Volkswagen Beetle, a two-door, 2. Make sure the oil meets the Audi, Volkswagen oil quality standards listed. 4-liter four-cylinder gasoline turbocharged engine. Optionally available with a 4-speed automatic. Vw Up Gearbox Oil Capacity-Jatco JF506E / 09A “automatic” Transmission For Volkswagen, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover. With this MT-1, GL-5 oil is not corrosive at any temp. A2, S2 corresponds to one liter, A1-0. The transmission filter and fluid service fill capacity for the Volkswagen Aisin 6-speed is 5 - 6 liters (5. Set to compete with the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot, the VW will join one o. Advance Auto Parts has 11 different Automatic Transmission Fluid for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. The transmission's oil capacity is approximately 6 to 7 U. Illustrated step-by-step manuals and video tutorials on replacing HYUNDAI ix35 Gearbox Oil and Transmission Oil will tell you how to carry out DIY replacement of parts and maintenance of your car quickly and cheaply. See body style, engine info and more specs. 3mpg and CO2 emissions of 118g/km. The problems with this transmission are hard shifts from gear 1 to 2, erratic shifting from gear 3 to gear 4 and a shudder. For 2008 Passat CC First generation Volkswagen recommends to use: VW 507 00, and VW 502 00 engine oils. If you have any questions about which oil is the right for your vehicle, please consult your VW Online Owner's Manual or see a Service Consultant at a Volkswagen dealership near you. 4 1985-1996: Engine code: Unit: Capacity: Oil type: 1E : Differential drive, Front drive, Rear drive: 3. Transmission ; Wheelbase ; Trunk Space ; Wheels ; Steering Wheel. Without this adjustment you can create windage in your engine. - crankcase bolts and nuts, - exhaust pipe flange bolts, - clutch bolts, - transmission case bolts and nuts, - steering gear case cover bolts of VW Passenger Cars,. Water Cooling Transmission Gear Box Oil Cooler for VW Volkswagen Audi 4E0317021E China Hydraulic Car Heat Exchanger Customized $1. Volkswagen Polo Engine Oil Available Here. this stuff is thin, thinner than an annorexic on a cocain binge. Satisfies the gear oil viscosity requirements of 75W90, 80W90, 90 and motor oil. See RM for filling after repairs. Order online cheap Gearbox oil and transmission oil for VW up! Hatchback (121, 122, BL1, BL2) 1. Range includes sump plug sockets, clutch aligning tools and the driveshaft bolt splined hex tool. Model: Volkswagen Passat B5, 3B (1996 - 2005) (EU) (VW). The Volkswagen Care Program allows owners to pre-pay at today's prices for their normally scheduled maintenance services and needs. Also holds 11 litres of coolant. 8L turbo I4 engine's total capacity for an oil change with filter replacement is 5. Based on my research I have found an equivalent for the manual transmission. Additionally, all adapters are completely categorized in a sturdy plastic case, ensuring long-life in daily workshop use. 1 L (dry fill) Final Drive Gear Oil. Can be used in heavy-duty or high performance transmissions, aftermarket 5-speed and 6-speed separate motorcycle transmissions and final drives, including standard and limited-slip differentials and shaft drive transmissions requiring the use of an hypoid type. How to change the oil on a Mk7 Golf MQ200 or MQ250, 5 speed. 9 litres (Type 02S transmission) ; 2. , Centerburg, Ohio 43011 | T: +1 740 625 6228 | F: +1 740 625 6268. Jim Amaral uses Heavy Duty 85-140 Gear Oil in his 96 Harley Road King. Arrows indicating height and width measurement. VW Oil Specifications (2 of 4) Engine Oils w/ Zinc (3 of 4 and important!) The Great Oil Debates (4 of 4) By the end of these articles, I hope to have assisted you by giving you the knowledge to select the best oil (or oils) for your air-cooled VW engine that: is graded to your climate, has the lowest pour point at startup temps to reduce. 6 seconds, a maximum top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h), a curb weight of 3724 lbs (1689 kgs), the Passat B6 R36 has a naturally-aspirated VR 6 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code BWS. G 052 145 A2 6 Speed 09G Notes Planetary gearbox & final drive Capacity 7. 0 liters) but the refill capacity is 5. 2 seconds, a maximum top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h), a curb weight of 3225 lbs (1463 kgs), the Golf 8 2. Top up gearbox oil in container to 1. I called the dealer to see what they charge, they came back with $240 for a drain and fill. This increased heat can significantly reduce engine and its associated components life as well from premature wear and tear. Gather the tools and materials you will need for this job. 00, etc: Volkswagen Motor Oil Specifications Explained. 9 quarts) of gear oil (the transmission and differential share the same oil in the manual transmission) G52 VW gear oil (22 or 23 mm deep socket for the reverse sensor) VW G52 gear oil has been shown to be thinner than most 75-90w oils. 5989070190 2721880001 wholesale Car Transmission gearbox oil cooler core gasket for Benz C-CLASS W203 W204 C230 C280 C300 07-14 $3. 8T 180 Oil Specifications - Engine oil All Weather: 0W30,0W40,5W30,5W40,10W30,10W40 OEM: VW 501. Transmission: Reman, Manual, 5 Spd w/ 90mm output flanges, Golf Jetta 85-92. Smoother shift durability is a measure of performance in automatic transmissions. 5L TSI DOHC Turbocharged 4-Cylinder -inc: 16-valve, direct fuel injection. Gearbox oil is a much thicker and heavier duty beast all round. The VW Tiguan 4×4 is a very capable vehicle. All modern oils are far better. VW TDI Late Night Cold Start -23C. 0 BiTDI 4Motion (120 kW) DPF (2010-2012)? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. On average, when synthetic oil is run in an air-cooled VW engine, head temperatures stay the same, but engine oil temps reduce by anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees. Mark 4 VW Golf Manual Gearbox VW has a specific blend of gear oil for that gearbox that you need to buy from VW dealer Parts department. What is the VW transmission fluid fill capacity for the DSG transmission? The transmission fluid service fill for the DSG 6-Speed is 5. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. I decided to replace my OEM gear oil with a well known oil called "GM Syncromesh . The 2006 Volkswagen Beetle, using a 2. Replace the engine oil and filter with a new one from an authorized Hyundai dealer. The smooth system is computer controlled with very fine engineering tolerances. Safe for brass synchros, as it lacks the reactive sulfurs found in most GL-5 oils that cause damage. Volkswagen Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta Oil Change ; 1. The Volkswagen's Tiptronic transmission is very modern and uses cutting edge technology. Volkswagen's new third-row SUV, the Atlas, is now being produced at the company's manufacturing plant in Chatanooga, TN. Stop worrying what kind of oil you need. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price. Capacity included w/auto transmission. Transferbox & All Wheel Drive Oils. Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 75W-80. Golf MK6 Engine Oil Capacity ? I suppose 4. This database contains information on gearboxes and gearboxes of the VAG company. 00 specification is specifically for the newest TDI models with particulate filters. So a 40 weight engine engine oil is more viscous as a 10 weight oil at the same temperature, and a 140 weight gear oil is more viscous than a 90 weight gear oil at the same temperature. Lucas SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil is a non-foaming, super slick, long lasting lubricant designed especially for heavy duty or high performance applications where other gear lubricants just aren't good enough. Running a high quality gear fluid not only ensures smooth gear change but . Includes line number ONE in diagram only. w/filter change Audi Oil Spec** A6 2. Oil level should be to bottom of filler opening. In particular, you will find information enabling you to select an oil according to its viscosity index: 0W, 5W, 10W or 15W. Other option is to buy a replacement from my. Includes all the hardware for installation. All the variations of VW Beetle were not designed by the Volkswagen to. 0 Litres, but the Citroen Engine Service Data that. (reviews - 7) Product info: Version: V FE. I found that Castrol, Valvoline and Mobil all make "European Blend" oils that fill one of these two specs. Rear of bed hookups - suggestions please Pictures of Trail gear rock assault front bumper 3. 8 1997-2006: Engine code: Unit: Capacity: Oil type: AUH : Differential drive, Rear drive: 75W-90, 80W, 75W: BCQ. 2L engines with engine oil capacity of 4. Mobil 1™ ESP 5W-30 is a fully synthetic low ash oil approved by Volkswagen for petrol cars requiring the VW 504 00 oil standard and approved for diesel cars requiring the VW 507 00 oil standard. Content [litre]: 1 Product line: ATF AG55 Packing Type: Bottle Oil: Synthetic Oil Transmission Type: 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Manufacturer Approval: BMW 83220142516, BMW M-1375. VW Sweden stopped selling the Passat EcoFuel DSG as a taxi after many cars had problems with the 7 speed DSG gearbox. Hopefully some help on page 156 onwards --> VW Transporter 2016+ - 6-speed manual gearbox 0A5 | Free Download For the oil spec it refers to . 503-284-0768, 800-776-1191 Fax 503-280-1655 E-mail [email protected] On average, it is recommended to change the oil in the Volkswagen Polo . Although the kit is for the BMW 8HP45 and 8HP70, you can apply the same basic process to servicing every ZF 8-speed, regardless of the make and model. 99 Heavy-Duty, Deep-Cast Aluminum Transmission Pan Part #128051020 MSRP: $349. Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual. The video above shows where the transmission fluid dipstick is located in your Routan and how to check the transmission fluid level. That oil that was in the gearbox freaking REEKS!!! I have to scrub everyting i touched down jeez. This gearbox is responsible for the conversion of engine power and its transmission to the wheels, allowing them to turn at varying speeds. Stand the car on level ground before you check the gearbox oil level. The transmission fluid is checked from underneath the vehicle . This automatic transmission service kit includes: Kit components: OEM transmission fluid (6 liters) OEM transmission filter kit with o-ring and pan gasket OEM transmission. Penrite manufacture a range of automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) that can be used in passenger, light & heavy duty vehicles. Your Mercedes Benz gearbox is a very sophisticated piece of engineering that needs to be looked after with regular oil changes. These cases were VW engine cases that were sold from VW but never issued in an actual production vehicle. Avoid it by upgrading your oil cooler. The oil sump plate may have a drain plug in the center. TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO is located at 1803 NE MLKing Blvd. 5L) Brake/Clutch Fluid: VW Standard 501 14: VW Standard 501 14: VW Standard 501 14: Engine Coolant: VW Coolant G13 (TL-VW 774J) VW Coolant G13 (TL-VW 774J) VW Coolant G13 (TL-VW 774J) Manual Transmission: VW Manual. When choosing an appropriate engine oil for your Volkswagen PASSAT, you must also consider different types of oil: mineral, synthetic. Tacomas (1995-2004) ' started by 97T , Dec 14, 2010. 60 C (140 F), switch engine off,wait 3 minutes, check dipstick, fill to full mark as indicated on dipstick. It is not until a transmission component fails or a service interval elapses that they learn about DSG. You can ask a question about this replacement on our online forum. 2 qt) Tansfer gear box New fill: 0. Check with the manufacturer of the gearbox. In fact,replacing gear oil is normally a very similar process to changing engine oil. It is typically recommended to replace the oil filter every 25,000 miles. Penrite's "ATF FS" is a Full Synthetic fluid which provides smoother shift durability 5. How Much Oil Does A 2004 Vw Beetle Take? The oil must meet Audi, Volkswagen oil quality standards. Add to Cart: Parts Code: [G052182A2, 02E305051C, N910845]. They can both be pretty stuck, but don't use too much force. Collect information about how you use our Sites (e. They don't do a total fluid exchange. 2L, Audi TT MKII, Audi TTS MK2 (2006-2013), Volkswagen Alltrack, Volkswagen Beetle 2. Lots of these boxes failed from people following VWs maintenance advice instead of ZFs. The most noticeable change is the new cylinder head. There are two plugs on the transmission - the drain plug at the bottom, and the refill plug on the side. Please note that the charts show the fluid capacity for a new converter. Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid by Febi®. Measures 9 inches x 10 inches x 2. Going to topup the gearbox oil, which oil should I use? Manual says SAE90, but Halfords don't have this (I think it's an As above, make sure it's GL-4, NOT GL-5. The table below gives oil capacity and specification for anyone wishing to change the gearbox oil. Volkswagen recommends a 150,000 fluid service interval for most DSG transmissions, but recommends a more frequent service interval if the vehicle is used for severe-duty or towing applications. About 1% of these are Truck Transmissions, 10% are A wide variety of vw gearbox part options are available to you, such as gearing arrangement. 8 litres/100km - 29 mpg UK - 24 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 5. 2009 volkswagen CC Towing Capacity. 7 Liter „G51 75W90 (Synthetic oil)“ for he gear box. High Performance Transmission Fluid. Melling offers a replacement oil pump drive gear for several Jeep and GM applications. Vw comercial customer care just confirmed. Relentless innovation has been at the heart of our company since 1866. Let’s take a moment to go over a bit of Volkswagen’s history. Gearbox mechanicals Gearbox design The 02T manual gearbox is a compact gearbox for 5-speed front wheel drive. There were several different designs for the 9 inch housing, so depending on how the housing is made it could take 2, 3 or more quarts to fill it. You need a 17mm Allen key to loosen the plug on the side of the gearbox, then fill the gearbox up until the oil starts to drip out the . I would say at least a quarter of a liter. I just changed my gear oil in the front and the fluid capacities I've seen posted says 4 pints (2 quarts), but that much won't fit in. The gearbox oil is filled through the sealing plug hole -arrow-. 71 quart) 100 * Audi / VW transmission oil number (ESSO LT 71141) G052 162 A1 Differential Oil Reference Guide Make Oil Grade* Fill Plug (Position) Oil Capacity (factory fill) Where used (1060 040 ___). You need one moerse big allen key socket thing to loosen a big nut on the side of the gearbox!. To allow the 25 hp motor to pull a heavier load than the Type 1 sedan, the split-windshied VW Bus was fitted with with a pair gear-hub reduction boxes. VW Transaxles The Volkswagon Type 2 transaxle has been out of production in the United States for over 20 years, yet it is still one of the most popular transaxles in the off-road industry. Check Any VIN - It's Free | Free Vehicle History and VIN Check. This gearbox is specified for 75W90 GL4 fully synthetic manual transmission fluid, capacity 1. Engine coolant capacity: 0 liter / 0 U. Spider gear teeth and side gear teeth are one place where GL-5's better EP rating is desperatly needed. 2 TSI (63 kW) (2010 - 2012) CBZA. 46 per litre at VW garage for the genuine stuff or £9-10 per litre at Opie Oils for the Fuchs. Here a listing of Cadillac refrigerant capacity and refrigerant oil types for Cadillac vehicles up to the 2013 model year. All went well, but the old oil was about 2. When it's time, DSG gearbox oil change?. ) - Torque wrench - oil drain bucket of some type - Fluid pump - rags - WD - 40 or a penetrating oil - Gear oil (most likely 75-90 or 80-90, check your owners manual). hi there if i order some gearbox oil for my o2a cda from vw, do you know what spec it would be? i got my new oil from VW. THERE IS NO SERVICE RECOMMENDATION FOR THE MANUAL GEARBOX. I've changed the gearbox oil yesterday . Engine Oil Capacity According to a 2016 Volkswagen Jetta owner's manual, the oil capacity is 4. For this transmission it is not possible to get any oil change . What is the Differential/Gear Oil all about? Differential oil is a type of oil. The average price of a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta transmission fluid change can vary depending on location. For use in Harley-Davidson V-Twin transmissions and high performance differentials. Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF - part number: VW G 052 990 A2 1. The gearbox oil level should not drop noticeably between routine oil changes about every 30,000 miles (50,000 km). Place the transmission in Park. Transmission Bottom Pan Removal Only. 5 US qts) Viscosity 2010 MY SAE: 5W-20 Transmission Oil Service Ratings The American Petroleum Institute (API) Service rating of a transmission oil refers to the amount of extreme pressure (EP) additives it contains. Let's take a moment to go over a bit of Volkswagen's history. VW 501 14 or FMVSS 116 DOT 4 Fluid PN B 000 750* Refrigerant Use only R134a Refrig. 5 gallons) of fluid (oil / petrol etc. Your Multitronic gearbox oil should be replaced every 40,000 miles. Off-roading, towing, or making more power with bigger turbos can all lead to excessive ATF heatsoak with a stock size OEM heat exchanger. The cast finned design also increases cooling! Includes all necessary hardware and 3 sizes of pick up tubes for all 1200-1600cc engines. A noise came from the gearbox in 6th gear. 219 mm 1) 219 mm 1) 2) Drive shaft flange ø. Sump comes with everything shown. No rating value average rating value is 0. Mopar replacement transmission oil cooler line. Volkswagen oil Approval VW 502 00 / Volkswagen oil Approval VW 505 00. 4 TSI of the EA211 series is a 1. 2006 VW Jetta TDI w/ DSG gearbox. Quaker State's oil selector helps you choose the correct motor oil, transmission fluid and more for your car or truck. The engine has forged steel crankshaft with four counterweights instead of eight. On the vast majority of models, a DSG transmission oil service is required every 40,000 miles. Whether you have a 2015-2016 6R80 6speed or a 2017-2020 10R80 10speed, its important to keep your transmission fluid temps under control. 40,000 mile service intervalUse only. 2014 ABI Oil and Refrigerant Capacity Catalog Make Model Start Year End Year Engine/App. My son recently purchased a 1996 T-100 but the previous owner had lost the Owners Manual and even though I have owned several Toyota trucks, none are equipped with the same transfer case and front differential. Used oil collection and extraction unit -V. As a result, the transmission of engine power via the gearbox is interrupted. Remove automatic transmission fluid dipstick. Drive the Jetta for 10 minutes or so to warm up the transmission fluid. Since 2013 VAG now uses a part number to designate the specification of the gear oil. This Genuine Volkswagen Audi DSG Transmission Oil - 1 Liter (G05218251LDSP / G052182A2) (Mfg#G0521821LDSP) fits Audi 8U Q3, Audi 8V S3, Audi A3 8P, Audi A3 8V, Audi B8 S4 3. What is the transmission fluid capacity in a 2003 VW jetta gli - Answered by a verified VW Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 6 MPI (BCB) That Does Not Rattle Pistons. Continuously Variable Transmission Oils. Wipe clean, reinsert fully and remove again. RAVENOL Transmission Oil TGO SAE 75W-90 API GL 5 is designed based on high-quality solvent refined and synthetic base oils and specially harmonised additive treatment with extreme pressure (EP) active. I think the hi tech gearbox and twin charged engines were premature and are going to cost VW customers. Royal Purple 01300 Max Gear 75W-90 High Performance Synthetic Automotive Gear Oil , 1 Quart (32 Ounces) Lucas Oil 10047 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Transmission and Differential Lube - , Clear, 1 Quart (32 Ounces) Valvoline SynPower SAE 75W-90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil 1 QT, Case of 12. The new transmission is like an old friend to employees in Kassel as. Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk V DSG Transmission Oil and Filter. ly-2022-03-25T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Vw Manual Transmission Oil Capacity Keywords: vw, manual, transmission, oil, capacity Created Date: 3/25/2022 4:23:41 PM. Lucas Oil 10048 — Great for Synthetic Transmission and Differential. It's vitally important that you change the oil & filter in your Volkswagen Direct Shift Gearbox every 40,000 miles otherwise driving the car with old and . Detailed car specs: 2007 Volkswagen City Golf. Transmission Fluid Capacity Complete Overhaul (I'm assuming this is the case we are talking about, a dry new trans) ~9.